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The BBQ charcoal production line is a production equipment system specialized in producing charcoal products for barbecue purposes.

The line consists of several processes, from raw material handling to the packaging of the finished product, realizing the whole process of transforming wood into high-quality barbecue charcoal.

The Barbecue charcoal processing plant is designed to increase productivity, guarantee product quality, reduce energy consumption, and meet the growing market demand for barbecue charcoal.

Raw materials for BBQ charcoal production line

The barbecue charcoal is made from a variety of raw materials, usually including the following types: rice hulls, coconut shells, wood chips, bamboo, straw, fruit shells, and so on.

Finished products from BBQ charcoal production line

The finished products of the BBQ charcoal production line are characterized by high calorific value, low smoke, and less smoke, long burning time, uniform charcoal particles, no odor, environmentally friendly and sustainable, and easy to store and transport.

BBQ charcoal production line workflow

Bbq charcoal processing plant usually includes the following processes:

  • Raw material processing: Raw materials such as wood chips and wood pellets are crushed and screened to ensure that the size and quality of the raw materials are suitable for the carbonization process.
  • Carbonization: The raw material enters into the carbonization furnace, where it is carbonized in a high temperature and low oxygen environment and transformed into charcoal with high carbon content.
  • Cooling: The charcoal is cooled to lower the temperature in preparation for subsequent processing.
  • Crushing and Screening: The cooled charcoal is crushed and screened to obtain charcoal pellets that meet specifications.
  • Drying: The crushed charcoal may have a certain amount of moisture, which needs to be dried to reduce the moisture content.
  • Mixing: Different types of charcoal particles can be mixed according to the needs to get the mixed charcoal that meets the quality requirements.
  • Packing: The finished barbecue charcoal is weighed, packed, and other processes, are ready to be put into the market for sale.

Main process of making Barbeque coal balls

rice husk charcoal making machine shiped to Ghana

Continuous carbonization furnace

The role of the charcoal furnace in the BBQ charcoal production line is to carbonize the raw materials, the moisture and volatile organic compounds in the wood will be decomposed and removed, leaving behind the charcoal with high calorific value and high carbon content.

Charcoal grinder machine

The role of the charcoal wheel mill in the BBQ charcoal production line is to further crush and grind the charcoal after carbonization to obtain charcoal particles suitable for barbecue use.

Specifically, the raw material is made to have a certain granularity and uniformity to improve the burning efficiency and quality of the charcoal.

wheel pan mill machine
glue mixer

Glue mixer

The purpose of a glue mixer is to mix charcoal particles with an adhesive or binder in order to bond the charcoal particles together to form a strong charcoal block.

This helps to improve the stability, durability, and molding of the charcoal, making the charcoal product easier to store, transport, and use.

Charcoal ball press machine

This machine presses the mixing and blending of processed charcoal particles together with the binder into charcoal balls or lumps of a certain shape and size.

This helps to further improve the stability, durability, and molding of the charcoal, making the charcoal product easier to store, transport, and use. Its working principle can be viewed by clicking on Charcoal ball press machine for the Bbq industry.

bbq charcoal ball press machine
charcoal briquette mesh belt dryer

mesh belt drying machine

The role of the dryer in the BBQ charcoal production line is to dry the molded charcoal so as to improve the burning efficiency, quality, and storage stability of the charcoal.

Bbq charcoal packing machine

Quantitative packaging machines accurately quantify and package charcoal products that have been processed, molded, and dried to a predetermined weight.

This helps to ensure the consistent quality of charcoal products in each packaging unit for easy storage, transportation, and distribution.

Bbq charcoal packing machine working site

BBQ charcoal processing plant advantages

The BBQ charcoal production line has many advantages that make it ideal for efficient and high-quality charcoal product production.

  1. High-quality products: The barbecue charcoal production line produces charcoal products by ensuring the uniformity, stability, and combustion efficiency of charcoal particles through fine processing procedures.
  2. Efficient Energy Utilization: The charcoal furnace, dryer, and other equipment adopt the technology of efficient energy utilization, which reduces energy consumption and lowers production costs.
  3. Consistency and standardization: Automated production ensures consistency and standardization of products, improving the appearance and quality consistency of products.
  4. Convenient Packaging: Quantitative packaging machines can accurately package charcoal products into units of specified weight or capacity for easy storage, transportation, and distribution.

Taken together, the advantages of BBQ charcoal production lines include increased productivity, reduced costs, energy consumption, and environmental impact, making production more competitive and meeting diversified market demands.