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The horizontal carbonization furnace is a kind of equipment for charring wood and other raw materials just like a vertical carbonization furnace. It is called a horizontal charcoal furnace because the arrangement of the charcoal chamber is horizontally placed, to reduce machine height. So it is more convenient for loading raw materials.

The raw materials in the horizontal carbonization furnace are converted into charcoal by pyrolysis in a high-temperature and oxygen-free environment. The output of each furnace can be up to 2.5-3t/12-14H.

horizontal-type charcoal carbonization furnace working video

Same as other airflow carbonization furnaces, it also includes a smoke recycling system. Smoke generated in the carbonizing process enters the purifier and then be ignited for heating the furnace. Besides, the redundant gas can be used as the heat source for the sawdust dryer, boiler, etc.

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What is the use of lump charcoal making machine?

raw materials of horizontal carbonization furnace

Lump charcoal-making machine can process wood logs, branches, roots, bamboo, biomass briquettes, corn cobs, coconut shells, nut shells, peanut shells, walnut shells, sawn timber, corn stalks, bagasse, rice husk, bamboo chips, sorghum stalks, many other materials.

Further processing of the finished product: Except for biomass briquettes, the other materials need to be further finely ground using a charcoal crusher. After that, they can be pressed and shaped only by a charcoal extruder machine, shisha charcoal machine, charcoal ball press machine, and other equipment.

Finished product of horizontal carbonization furnace

The finished products of horizontal charcoal furnaces are usually briquettes and various irregular shapes of carbonized materials. Using wood biomass as raw material, horizontal carbonization furnaces can prepare high-quality wood biomass charcoal. This kind of charcoal is dark in color, hard in texture, and releases stable heat energy when burned, which is commonly used for heating, cooking, and industrial combustion.

Organization of hardwood carbonization furnace

Horizontal carbonization furnace mainly consists of a carbonizing chamber, heating equipment, shelf, flue gas purification system, control system, slag draining device, feeding port, and discharging port. In addition, there is a layer of insulating cotton sandwich between the outer stove and the inner stove.

Workflow of horizontal wood charcoal machine

Horizontal carbonization furnace controls the temperature, time, and ambient atmosphere in the carbonization chamber to release the moisture and volatile substances in the raw materials and form stable charcoal products through a series of chemical reactions.

3 types of coal charring furnace working video
  • Put the raw materials into the horizontal carbonization furnace’s charring room.
  • Start the heating equipment (such as a combustion furnace, gas furnace, or electric heater).
  • Under a high temperature and oxygen-free environment, the raw material starts to carry out the carbonization reaction.
  • A large amount of smoke and volatile substances will be produced during the charring process. The horizontal charcoal furnace has an outgassing system that collects and treats the generated exhaust gas.
  • The wood charcoal-making machine is equipped with an automatic control system to monitor and regulate the temperature, pressure, and smoke emissions during the charring process.
  • A horizontal carbonization furnace is equipped with a slag discharge device, which collects ash and tar.
  • Take out the finished charcoal after completing the carbonization process.

Technical information on charcoal charring furnace

ModelCapacity per furnaceDimensionWeight
machine parameters

Characteristics of horizontal charring furnace

  • Large volume of the main machine, high charring rate, strong production capacity, 3-10 tons of charring per hour.
  • Applicable to many kinds of raw materials: Lump charcoal-making machines can deal with many kinds of raw materials, including wood, bamboo, fruit shells, agricultural wastes, and so on.
  • Low cost and high practicality meet the investment requirements of initial entrepreneurs.
  • The lump charcoal furnace machine is made of special high-temperature resistant stainless steel, which is sturdy and durable, not deformed, with good heat preservation performance.

Shippment of horizontal log carbonization furnace

Shuliy’s lump carbonization furnace has been sold to many countries, such as Ecuador, Tunisia, Indonesia, Kenya, Italy, Lebanon, Uganda, and so on. Here is the packing and shipping picture of the machine:

Our factory also produces continuous carbonization furnaces. If you are interested in our machines, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with more detailed information and machine quotes.