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Recently, a shisha lounge from Algeria decided to purchase a hookah charcoal tablet press machine to provide good quality hookah charcoal to local bars and other entertainment venues.

Hookah charcoal tablet press machine information

We offer three types to choose from, including hydraulic type, stainless steel type, and rotary tablet-making machines. Through detailed introduction, pictures, and usage videos, the customer showed great interest in the rotary hookah charcoal tablet press machine because of its fast processing speed. According to its production scale, the customer finally purchased two sets.

Customer expectations and reasons for purchase

The customer expects to improve the production efficiency and charcoal quality of the hookah house by purchasing the hookah charcoal machine, we showed him the finished products of the previous customer’s use feedback, and the customer expressed his satisfaction.

In addition, the main reason why this customer from Algeria chose the rotary hookah charcoal press machine is that its processing speed is fast and can meet the customer’s production needs. The following shows the working video of this machine.

working video of a shisha charcoal-making machine

This transaction fully demonstrates our company’s ability to provide customers with diversified options and professional services. We specialize in manufacturing charcoal processing and production machines with many years of experience, if you are also interested, we will be your best choice, please feel free to contact us.