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At the end of last month, our company successfully sent a biomass charring carbonization kiln and a drum dryer to a customer from Brazil.

Customer background information

This customer is a farmer who specializes in fruit trees and crops. His farm grows a variety of fruits and crops, and produces a large amount of agricultural waste every year, including straw, husks, and so on.

Biomass charring carbonization kiln and dryer

The customer chose our company’s carbonization furnace and rotary drum dryer to convert this waste into biomass charcoal or charcoal.

The biomass charring carbonization kiln is used to carbonize the waste while the drum drying machine is used to dry the wet waste to improve the charring efficiency and quality.

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Purchase reasons and expectations

First of all, using straw, husk, and other agricultural wastes to make charcoal can make full use of agricultural waste resources and avoid waste and pollution.

Secondly, the charring process can effectively reduce the volume and weight of organic waste, reducing the pollution and pressure on the environment caused by the accumulation of waste.

Most importantly, biomass charcoal can be used as a high-quality organic fertilizer, which can be added to the soil to improve soil structure, increase soil fertility, and improve soil water and fertilizer retention capacity.

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