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Earlier this month, the successful production and delivery of a wood sawdust briquette machine to Bolivia provided a new opportunity for the transformation of a local timber workshop.

This customer is in the lumber business and, faced with the waste of wood chips generated during the lumber production process, decided to start a new project by processing and utilizing them, converting them into biomass rods.

Client background and needs analysis

This Bolivian client owns its lumberyard and is mainly engaged in the lumber business. Since the production of lumber generates a large amount of wood chip waste, the customer wanted to start a new project by processing and utilizing this waste. Their raw material is wood chips, which they plan to use to make biomass rods to reuse the waste and improve resource efficiency.

Wood sawdust briquette machine customization service

In response to the customer’s needs, we provided a customized sawdust briquettes making machine. Considering that the Bolivian region has a different voltage from China, we adjusted the machine to fit the local voltage standard.

In addition, the customer purchased three additional sets of heating coils and two spirals to meet their production needs. To better meet the customer’s needs, we also gave an extra spiral and a heating ring.

The customer was in urgent need of a wood sawdust briquette machine and we happened to have it in stock and were able to deliver it quickly.