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The hoist carbonization furnace is used for charring wood or plant residues, and the carbonized product can be used as fuel. It is ideal equipment for large and medium-sized charcoal production enterprises to produce charcoal. Typically a charring process takes 7-8 hours and capacity can reach 1-3t/d.

hoisting-type carbonization furnace installation and working video

The machine adopts a hoisting combination structure and advanced hot air carbonization technology. In this way, it can carbonize many furnaces per day, which improves charcoal production efficiency. It has a special gas storage chamber structure, which can make full use of the smoke generated by carbonization, energy saving, and environmental protection.

Raw materials of vertical carbonization furnace

The most common materials that are processed in the charcoal-making furnace are the wood sticks, which are formed after being processed in the sawdust briquette machine.

The raw materials for hoist carbonization furnaces are rich and varied, which can be logs, sticks, large branches, hardwoods, coconut shells, nut shells, palm shells, bamboo, peanut shells, and so on. Compared with the continuous charcoal carbonization furnace, its feeding size is bigger.

Usage of the finished charcoal briquette

The charcoal processed in the hoist carbonization furnace can generally be used directly for sale or reprocessed into charcoal powder for coal-type operation, used as barbecue fuel, industrial fuel, soil improvement, and so on.

What is the carbonization process?

The working process of the hoist carbonization furnace mainly consists of the following stages:

Heating stage

The raw material is put into the carbonizing chamber and the temperature in the charring chamber gradually increases. By-products of the process: small amounts of wood tar and wood vinegar liquid (obtained by natural cooling and liquefaction of the smoke from the process of burning wood into charcoal).

Carbonization stage

In the heated high-temperature environment, the moisture and volatile substances in the raw materials start to be released. With the increase in temperature, the carbonaceous substances in the raw materials start to carbonize and form solid charcoal.

Stabilization stage

Charcoal forms stable carbonization products.

Cooling stage

The temperature inside the carbonizing chamber starts to drop, and you can start to unload the finished charcoal for cooling.

operation video of hoist charcoal charring furnace

Main structure of vertical lump carbonization furnace

outer stove of charcoal furnace

Outer stove: The shell adopts a fully closed design to ensure that the smoke does not leak out during the high-temperature charring process. It can prevent external pollutants from entering the hoist carbonization furnace.

Inner stove: Carbonization room. This part is mainly used for placing raw materials for the carbonization process. It is usually constructed with high-temperature-resistant carbonized bricks or refractory materials.

inner stove of charcoal furnace
lifting part of hoist carbonization furnace

Lifting part: This part is used to put the raw material into the equipment of the carbonization chamber, usually located at the top of the carbonization furnace.

Furnace filter: This system is located at the top or side of the hoist carbonization furnace. It is usually purified by a treatment device. The filter contains water and is used to remove harmful gases, dust, impurities, etc.

hoist carbonization furnace filter

Heating process of hoisting carbonization furnace

The working process of the airflow hoist carbonization furnace is high temperature and oxygen-free combustion in a closed charcoal furnace. The high-temperature environment in the charcoal oven releases moisture and volatile substances from the wood or plant residue. The carbonaceous material in the raw material is then retained, resulting in charcoal.

  1. Before the temperature reaches 90°C, a fire is built with waste material and burned over a high flame to provide a heat source;
  2. When the temperature reaches 90°C, reduce the fire;
  3. When the temperature reaches 90°-150°C, it enters the dehumidification stage (humidity of the stick) and the fire burns gently;
  4. The temperature reaches 150°C, and begins to dehumidification, time six hours or so, this time to increase the fire;
  5. Then the temperature reaches 230°C and enters the combustion stage, producing a mixed gas;
  6. When the temperature rises to 280°C, it enters the self-ignition stage. The carbon monoxide gas produced by the charcoal furnace can be recycled and burned by itself, without the need for fire to provide a heat source. At this time, the furnace door at the bottom of the furnace is closed;
  7. The door at the bottom of the furnace can be closed or not during the whole process from the beginning of combustion to reaching 280°C. The maximum temperature in the furnace can reach 500°C;
  8. The carbonization effect is the best, the hoist carbonization furnace needs to burn for 14 hours, and the cooling time is more than 10 hours.
    Piping role: gas circulation, combustion, filtration

Hoist carbonization furnace parameter information

Models named by the diameter of the inner stove

Model 1500: liner diameter 1.5 meters, height 1.5 meters, liner thickness 8 mm, outer liner 6 mm
Model 1300: liner diameter 1.3 meters, height 1.5 meters, liner thickness 8 mm, outer liner 6 mm
Model 1000: liner diameter 1.0 meters, height 1.5 meters, liner thickness 8 mm, outer liner 6 mm

Characteristics of hardwood charcoal-making machine

lump charcoal machine working site
  1. Save labor. Hanging type to put and take materials, the load capacity of the traveling crane is more than two tons, easy to move.
  2. Energy saving and environmental protection. After some time, the gas in the hoist carbonization furnace can be recycled, so you don’t need to add materials all the time.
  3. Save time. Providing two inner stoves, in the cooling process can continue to produce another liner.
  4. Not easily damaged. Crane with a capacity of more than two tons. The inner part of the lifting charcoal furnace is high-temperature rubber, which is very resistant to high temperatures and not easy to collapse.

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