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At the end of last month, our company received a customer from Pakistan, who is an owner of a wooden pallet production business. This time, he wants to buy the drum dryer machine.

Last year, this customer purchased a wooden pallet machine from our company and successfully started the production business in the local area. However, due to the humid and rainy climate in the customer’s area, the raw material sawdust became wet, which seriously affected the quality of the finished wooden pallets.

Customer needs and expectations

To improve the quality of the finished wooden pallets and reduce the humidity, the customer decided to purchase a Drum Type Sawdust Dryer for drying the sawdust.

The customer wants to use this machine to dry the wet sawdust to the appropriate humidity level, to ensure the production of wooden pallets with higher quality standards and durability.

Drum dryer machine information

According to the scale of the customer’s wood pallet business and specific needs, the finalized machine model is SL-D1000, with dimensions of 16000*2600*3800mm, power of 3+15kw, feed diameter ≤5mm, and production capacity of up to 1000kg/h.

This model of drum sawdust dryer has high efficient drying capacity and stable performance, which can fully meet the customer’s production demand.

Why choose our company?

The main reasons why customers choose our company to buy sawdust drum dryer machines include:

  1. Professional service and trust base: the wood pallet machine (Wood pallet press machine in pallets production making line) purchased by the customer from our company last year is running well, which has established a good trust base.
  2. Tailor-made solutions: we recommended the most suitable drum dryer machine model according to the specific needs and production scale of the customer, and explained its technical advantages and applicability in detail.
  3. High-quality after-sales service: We provided detailed information such as shipment diagrams, factory spot diagrams, and feedback videos to ensure that our customers have full understanding and confidence in the quality of the products and the shipping process.

Shuliy company has specialized in wood processing machinery for many years, with rich experience, if you are interested, please feel free to contact us, we provide you with more pictures and videos as well as machine quotes, looking forward to cooperating with you.