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The charcoal briquette machine, also known as a briquette extruder machine, is one of the coal molding equipment widely used in coal making industry. It uses the principle of spiral extrusion to compress the modulated coal powder into a cylindrical shape with a certain strength. This machine can make long-shaped coal rods. The coal rods can be carbonized and turned into charcoal for burning.

coal briquette-making machine working video

With a charcoal briquette machine, one can increase the utilization rate of coal and reduce coal dust emanation and emission. In addition, it also possesses the convenience and economy to convert loose coal dust or waste coal into compact coal rods, which are easy to store, carry, and use.

Shuliy’s coal press machine is powerful and can make various shapes of coal bars. We will customize the mold of the machine according to the customer’s needs.

Applications of charcoal briquette machine

The briquette extruder machine can convert powdered charcoal powder into different shapes of bar blocks. It is suitable for forming many kinds of raw materials such as carbon powder, coal powder, coal foam, coal gangue, coking coal, lignite, anthracite, iron powder, and aluminum powder.

In the industrial field, coal press machines can be used in steel mills, power plants, and other energy-intensive factories to produce coal bars as raw material.

What can charcoal briquettes be used for?

Charcoal briquettes are widely used and it is convenient for our daily life. It is mainly used as fuel to provide energy.

  • Heating and cooking: Charcoal briquettes can be used as a solid fuel for heating and cooking. People use it in stoves, fireplaces, and fireplaces. Coal rods are also used as fuel for barbecues. It can also provide heat indoors or outdoors.
  • Industrial applications: Charcoal briquettes are also widely used in industry. They can be used as fuel supplied to steel mills, power plants, cement factories, and other energy-intensive plants for power generation, heating, or other production processes.
  • Environmental improvement: In some areas, the use of coal rods can also improve environmental conditions. For example, converting loose pulverized coal or waste coal into coal rods can reduce dust and particulate emissions and minimize negative impacts on air quality.

Structure of the charcoal briquette press machine

The structure of a charcoal briquette machine is relatively simple and easy to operate and maintain, mainly containing a motor, electronic control cabinet, reducer, bearing, feed inlet, screw, mold, cutter, and so on.

charcoal briquette machine structure

How does the coal briquette extruder work?

The working principle is as follows:

  1. The motor drives the reducer, which in turn drives the rotation of the main shaft.
  2. The rotation of the main shaft transmits the force to the screw, which advances the extrusion of the material.
  3. The screw conveys the carbon powder/coal powder from the feeding port to the inside of the mold.
  4. The mold plays the role of molding, compressing the material into coal rods with a specific shape and strength.
how the coal briquettes extruder machine works

Parameters of charcoal briquette extruder

Depending on the user’s different needs for finished products, etc., we can produce a variety of models of machines to choose from. The following are three of our best-selling models.

ModelProduction capacityMolding specifications(Diameter)Spindle speedSpiral leaf numberMotor
machine technical data

Supporting equipment of coal press machine

Before the raw material enters the charcoal briquette machine, it is necessary to mix the raw material using a wheel mill, where the raw material is added to the binder and water.

Wheel mill machine

The charcoal briquette machine has only the function of extruding coal sticks. The finished product extruded by the machine is a continuous long bar. Therefore, it needs to be equipped with a cutter and a conveyor belt to produce consistent and standardized coal rods.

Cutting Knife

pneumatic cutter

Pneumatic cutter: It is installed at the exit of the charcoal briquette machine. The length of the rods can be determined by setting the infrared device on the cutter. The cutter will work according to the infrared probe sensing the coal rods.

Roller knife: Generally, people will use the cutter and roller knife together. This will be installed on the conveyor belt. The two knives together will produce square charcoal.

Roller knife
Metering cutter

Metering cutter: The cutter is also installed at the exit of the coal bar machine. This cutter is more accurate in metering and better in cutting. It can be used if the user has a high demand for the appearance of the coals.

Transportation belt

The conveyor belt helps to transport the finished briquettes, and installing the cutter on the belt can help the customer make various lengths and squares of briquettes or lumps. At the same time, the conveyor belt also helps the user to keep the coals from deformation.

Transportation belt

Charcoal dryer

In addition, after obtaining the finished product, it needs to pass through a dryer before it can be packaged. To prevent the finished product from falling over, we usually choose a batch charcoal drying machine.

Customized molds for coal briquette making machine

Our coal press machine can be installed with various shapes of molds, such as pentagonal, hexagonal, triangular, square, round, plum blossom shapes, etc. Customization is also acceptable. The picture below shows our various mold shapes:

Advantages of Shuliy charcoal briquette forming machine

  • Many molding styles. The mold styles are plum blossom shape, triangle, quadrilateral, rhombus, and other styles, which can be customized according to customers’ requirements.
  • The good finished product, with high strength. The coal press machine runs smoothly, with low noise, low wear and tear, high output, high strength, and high compactness of the finished product.
  • Good quality steel. The steel used in the Shuliy coal press machine is good, which improves the service life of the whole machine, easy to repair, and reliable to operate.
  • Good material of accessories. The reamer of the charcoal briquette-making machine is made of alloy material, which is wear-resistant and durable.

Charcoal extruder machine factory show

Shuliy is a professional charcoal briquette machine producer. Suppose you want to produce a large amount of finished charcoal briquettes. We will recommend a charcoal production line to help you to carry out the production project smoothly. With our comprehensive service, we can help you design the factory layout plan, equipment equipping program, equipment installation, after-sales service, and so on.

Regarding coal-forming equipment, our company also produces hookah charcoal machines, barbecue charcoal making machines, etc. For details, please click Rotary shisha charcoal making machine for hookah briquettes, Charcoal Ball Press Machine For BBQ Industry.

Charcoal briquette press machine sold to Mexico

The customer wanted to start the business of making charcoal briquettes. Because it is a new business, the customer needs a small output. After communication, according to the customer’s specific situation, we recommend the MBJ180 coal press machine to the customer.

The supporting equipment has a cutter and a conveyor belt, and we made a PI for the customer. We made a PI for the customer, and the customer decided to buy it after seeing it. After receiving the customer’s deposit, we immediately prepared the charcoal briquette machine and already sent it to Mexico.