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Shuliy’s continuous wood charcoal production furnace was shipped again, this time to Uganda, and a professional technical team was dispatched to the site to provide installation services.

wood charcoal production furnace
wood charcoal production furnace

Information About The Customer

Our client operates a company that is actively committed to environmental protection and sustainable agriculture. They specialize in the resource utilization of agricultural waste and straw to produce high-quality biochar whilst improving soil quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Processing Effect Display

The picture below shows the finished products processed by customers after using our charcoal-making production line machine.

Why Buy The Machine From Shuliy Company

Shuliy’s wood charcoal production furnace price has a clear advantage. We strongly believe that environmentally friendly and sustainable production should not be expensive.

  • Efficient treatment of waste: Our continuous charring furnace can efficiently convert agricultural waste, straw, and other biomass resources into high-quality biochar products that meet our customers’ needs.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly: The operation process of the charcoal furnace reduces harmful emissions, which helps to improve the customer’s local soil, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve the quality of the environment.
  • Technical Support: In addition to high-performance machines, we offer professional technical support and installation services to ensure that our customers are able to utilize the full potential of the equipment.

Wood Charcoal Production Furnace Installation Site

Our technical team has arrived at the site to carry out professional installation and commissioning of the equipment for our customers. This will ensure that the continuous carbonization furnace will be able to operate at its optimum condition and achieve maximum productivity.

Shuliy company’s sustainable automated charcoal production line is installed and put into use in different countries, you can check our YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePf-TUxLcr4. This is a feedback video from Indonesia. If you want to know more detailed information about charcoal making, please feel free to contact us.