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Charcoal briquette mesh belt dryer is a kind of drying equipment commonly used in industrial production, its main feature lies in the use of a mesh belt conveying system, the wet materials are evenly distributed on the mesh belt, and the materials are dried through the hot air circulation.

Mesh belt dryer is widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, and other fields, used to dry wet materials quickly to the required moisture content. The raw material for the mesh belt dryer is more resistant to falls compared to a batch briquette charcoal dryer.

The use of charcoal briquette mesh belt dryer

Mesh belt dryers have a wide range of applications in industrial production, and their versatility makes them suitable for many fields, such as metallurgy, building materials, ceramics, chemical fertilizer, and chemical industry. It is very suitable for drying charcoal briquettes made by various charcoal making machines.

The charcoal briquette mesh belt dryer is the ideal equipment for the dehydration operation of flakes, strips, blocks, and granular materials such as traditional Chinese medicine tablets, fruit slices, vegetables, foodstuffs, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, feedstuffs; chemical raw materials and so on.

Charcoal briquette mesh belt dryer heating methods

The heating method of the mesh belt dryer can be chosen according to different material characteristics. The following are some common heating methods for mesh belt dryers: steam heating, electric heating, gas heating, coal-fired heating, and biomass pellet heating (such as wood pellets, straw pellets, etc.).

Different heating methods are suitable for different application scenarios and needs, and the selection of the appropriate heating method needs to take into account factors such as energy costs, environmental requirements, and ease of operation. At the same time, for some special needs, you can also combine a variety of heating methods to achieve more flexible drying solutions.

Structure of continuous charcoal briquette mesh belt dryer

The structure of charcoal briquette mesh belt dryer consists of a number of key components that work in concert to realize the drying process. The following are the main structural components of a mesh belt dryer:

Feeding device, drying chamber, gas burner, hot stove, centrifugal induced draft fan, exhaust device, control system, mesh belt conveyor system, maintenance and cleaning system, and auxiliary components: such as humidifying device, circulating air system, dust removal system, etc.

These major structural components work together to enable the mesh belt dryer to efficiently dry wet materials and achieve water evaporation, resulting in a dried finished product. Different manufacturers and models of mesh belt dryers may vary in structure to suit different applications.

Working principle of industrial mesh belt dryer

  • The wet materials are transported to the drying room through a conveyor belt or mesh belt, the hot air is generated through the heating equipment, and then the hot air is sent into the drying room through the fan.
  • The wet materials gradually evaporate under the action of hot air, and through the circulating wind flow in the drying room, the moisture on the surface and inside of the materials can be evaporated and discharged.
  • The dried materials are taken out from the other end of the drying room with the running of the mesh belt to complete the drying process.

Mesh belt drying machine parameters

The technical parameters of charcoal briquette mesh belt dryers will vary depending on the model, manufacturer, and application requirements. We can adjust them according to the actual application requirements.

When choosing a mesh belt dryer, you need to consider the nature of the material, capacity requirements, drying effect, and other factors to choose the right model and configuration.

Width of Belt600mm
Drying Area3.6-36㎡
Unit Number1-5
Interlamellar Spacing400-600 mm
Carrying Capacity90-200 kg/㎡
Temperaturecarbon steel≤400 C°, stainless steel≤600 C°
Heat sourcehardwood, electricity, steam
Running speed0.06-1m/min
Transmission power1.1-2.2 kW

Features of multi-layer charcoal briquette mesh belt dryer

  1. Uniform drying: The mesh belt dryer can evenly distribute the wet materials in the drying chamber through the mesh belt conveyor system, so as to realize uniform drying effect.
  2. High-efficiency drying: The charcoal briquette mesh belt dryer uses hot air circulation to transfer the hot air to the materials uniformly, so that the moisture can be evaporated quickly, thus realizing a high-efficiency drying process.
  3. Adaptable: This dryer is suitable for a wide range of materials, including granular, lumpy, flaky, and other materials in different forms.
  4. Adjustability: Users can adjust the drying temperature, drying time, mesh belt speed, and other parameters according to the characteristics of the material and drying requirements to achieve a customized drying process.
  5. Convenient Operation: Charcoal briquette mesh belt dryer is usually equipped with an automatic control system, which is easy to operate and can realize automatic control and monitoring of the drying process.