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The charcoal grinder machine, also known as a mixing mill, is the auxiliary machine of charcoal equipment, which is the primary processing equipment of materials. It is used for mixing and pressurizing materials, so that materials with small specific gravity can be fully integrated with the binder, and the compactness of the materials can be increased so that the materials can be better shaped after entering the molding machine.

Working video of charcoal grinder machine

This charcoal grinder machine facilitates the material to enter the molding machine for better molding, saves manpower, and saves the fusion time after mixing the material with the binder; the material enters the molding machine after the preliminary processing, and also reduces the abrasion of the worn parts of the molding machine, and prolongs the service life of the molding machine.

Wide applications of charcoal grinder machine

Charcoal powder grinding machine is a multi-functional machinery and equipment that can be used in different industrial fields for grinding, crushing, pressing, and processing raw materials, helping to realize the fine processing and handling of materials.

  • Metallurgy: In the metallurgical industry, wheel mills can be used for grinding and crushing ores to turn them into powder or particles suitable for smelting.
  • Mining: In the mining process, charcoal grinder machines can be used to pre-treat the ore and reduce the particle size of the ore to facilitate subsequent processing and extraction.
  • Construction: In the construction field, wheel mills can be used for crushing and recycling construction waste, broken concrete, and so on.
  • Chemical: Wheel mills can be used for crushing and mixing chemical raw materials for subsequent chemical reactions or production processes.
  • Food Processing: In the food processing industry, charcoal powder grinder machines can be used to grind and process grains, cereals, etc. to prepare powders or granules.
  • Pharmaceutical: In the pharmaceutical industry, wheel mills can be used to crush and pulverize medicinal herbs to prepare powders for drug formulations.

Raw materials handled by charcoal powder grinding machine

The charcoal grinder machine is suitable for mixing all kinds of dry and wet materials and colloidal materials such as refractory mud, clay, fly ash, slag, tailing slag, sand, etc. It is widely used in the industries of no-burn bricks, autoclaved bricks, refractory materials, ceramics, and building materials.

Through the role of rotation and extrusion, the material will be ground into the required particle size or shape. And the finished charcoal powder will be processed by different charcoal briquette-making machines.

Charcoal wheel grinder machine working principle

wheel pan mill structure

The working principle of the wheel mill is based on the squeezing and friction force between the rollers, and they realize the purpose of crushing, granulating, and mixing by crushing and pressing the raw materials. The following is the basic working principle of a charcoal grinder machine:

Roller arrangement

A wheel mill usually consists of a set of rollers arranged in parallel, some of which may be fixed to the frame, while others may be adjusted mechanically or hydraulically. The gap between these rollers may be adjusted as required.

Raw material placement

The raw material is placed into the inlet of the charcoal powder grinding machine and may be in the form of granules, lumps, or powder.

Milling process

The rollers of the charcoal grinder machine start to rotate, and the raw materials are pressed and milled by the squeezing and friction force between the rollers. The raw materials are subjected to greater pressure between the rollers, which gradually deforms and crushes them.

Dispersion and mixing

During the milling process, the raw materials are continuously squeezed, crushed, and rubbed, thus dispersing them. This can help to mix raw materials of different compositions and realize uniform mixing effects.

Adjusting the roll gap

If the particle size of the final product needs to be adjusted, the operator can adjust the gap between the rolls either mechanically or hydraulically. A smaller gap usually produces finer particles.

Removal of the finished product

After being milled, the raw material is compacted to the desired size and shape and can be removed from the discharge opening of the wheel mill for further subsequent processing or use.

Finished product after the charcoal powder crushing mixer

The charcoal grinder machine crushes and presses raw materials into a fine powder. This finished powder is usually used in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries as raw material in the production process.

Specifications of wheel charcoal grinding machine

The technical parameters of charcoal grinder machines may vary according to different models, manufacturers, and design requirements. Below are some possible technical parameters of wheel mills for reference:

ModelPan diameterOne time dosageCapacityMixing timeMain motor power
SL-TJ1000Φ 1000mm0.03-0.05t0.3t/h5-10times/min5.5kw
SL-TJ1200Φ 1200mm0.05-0.1t0.6-0.8t/h5-10times/min5.5kw
SL-TJ1500Φ 1500mm0.2-0.3t1-2t/h10-15times/min7.5kw
charcoal wheel grinder parameters

Characteristics of charcoal powder grinding machine

Charcoal grinder machines, as a common type of processing equipment, offer a variety of advantages in many industrial sectors. Here are some of the advantages of wheel mills:

  • Efficient Processing: Wheel mills can efficiently crush, press, or break raw materials through the squeezing and friction forces between the rollers to achieve fast processing.
  • Multifunctionality: The charcoal grinder machine is suitable for different kinds of raw materials and can be used for a variety of processing purposes such as crushing, granulating, mixing, and so on, which makes it have a wide range of applications in many industrial fields.
  • Adjustability: The gap between the rollers can be adjusted, thus controlling the finished product’s particle size, shape, and other characteristics to meet different product requirements.
  • Customizable: Manufacturers can often customize their wheel mills to meet specific processing requirements.
  • Environmentally friendly: Wheel mills usually produce less dust, waste, etc. during processing, which meets environmental requirements.

Overall, charcoal grinder machines are highly efficient, versatile, and adjustable, making them important in many industrial applications. When choosing a wheel mill, you need to consider its advantages as well as its adaptability according to the actual needs and processing purposes.