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A charcoal ball molding machine completed production and delivery to Mexico in the middle of this month, bringing a new transformational opportunity to a BBQ store owner-operator.

This customer contacted our company through a friend’s introduction, and needing a large amount of barbecue charcoal for the owner-operator of a barbecue store, they decided to purchase a barbecue charcoal briquette machine to produce barbecue charcoal on their own, reduce costs, and ensure a stable supply.

Customer background and needs analysis

This Mexican barbecue store owner-operator was facing a large daily demand for barbecue charcoal, and they decided to produce their barbecue charcoal to reduce the purchasing cost and ensure the stability of supply. Through a friend’s introduction, they learned about the BBQ charcoal ball molding machine and decided to purchase one to meet their production needs.

The following is the finished product after the machine was completed and the customer was given a video of the test run of the machine.

Charcoal ball molding machine information & customization

  • We provided a customized BBQ charcoal briquette machine to the Mexican BBQ store owner to meet their production needs.
  • The machine has an efficient and stable balling performance and can press raw materials such as wood chips into strong BBQ charcoal balls.
  • The customer also chose a voltage standard suitable for the Mexican region through the customization service we provide to ensure the machine can operate properly.

Reasons for choosing our company

The main reasons why customers choose our company include:

  1. Recommendation and trust: Through friends’ introduction and recommendation, customers learned about our company’s products and services and trusted us.
  2. Customized service: we provide customers with customized BBQ charcoal briquette presses that can meet their specific production needs and voltage standards.
  3. Stable supply: Customers need a stable supply of BBQ charcoal, and by purchasing the BBQ charcoal briquette machine, we can make sure that they have enough supply of BBQ charcoal for their production.

If you are also interested in this charcoal ball molding machine or have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we look forward to serving you and working with you.