Welcome to the official website of Shuliy Machinery! As a professional charcoal and wood recycling equipment supplier, we have accumulated rich experience in manufacturing and exporting equipment. Professional charcoal production lines and supporting equipment can fully reuse all kinds of wood, sawdust, rice husk, peanut shells, and so on. The made charcoal can be widely used in our daily heating, factory power generation, fuel, etc.

Main Products

Shuliy Machinery’s product line covers all aspects of the charcoal machine production process. And our main products include wood recycling machines, charcoal briquette making machines, and carbonization furnaces. And these machines can be combined into charcoal and wood recycling lines.

Display of various finished products

These finished products have a wide range of applications and can help our customers to reuse resources and increase profits. The made charcoal briquettes can be used to provide heat energy or as fuel to generate electricity. Wooden pallets, blocks, and shavings can be used in logistics and animal bedding.

Honors and certifications

Shuliy Machinery has won the recognition of the industry for its outstanding quality and excellent service. Currently, our company has been awarded several honorary certificates, which are a recognition of our consistent efforts and commitment. We will continue to endeavor to provide quality products and services to offer the best products and solutions to our customers.

Global Customers

Shuliy Machinery’s products are sold all over the world, and we have established long-term cooperative relationships with customers all over the world. Our customers come from different industries and fields, including charcoal producers, environmental protection companies, agricultural waste treatment plants, and so on. We value the partnership with our customers and always focus on their needs and provide them with customized solutions.

Customized services

We will recommend the right production line for your specific needs. All production line pairings are flexible and customizable. Our production lines include:
Charcoal making: charcoal production line, shisha charcoal production line, bbq charcoal processing plant, honeycomb coal production line.
Wood category: wood pallet production line, mat block production line, wood crushing line, wood chipping line.
In addition to providing customized machinery matching, we also provide plant layout design, equipment installation layout design and installation service, etc.

Shuliy welcomes you to consult anytime!