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The BBQ charcoal packing machine is a device specialized in packaging products precisely to a predetermined weight, volume, or quantity. In charcoal-making line, is a specialized piece of equipment used to package barbecue charcoal into packages.

The packing machine adopts automation technology, which can automatically measure, fill, seal, and pack barbecue charcoal. It is realizing an efficient, precise, and fast packing process. Common package weight per package in the market: 3kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 30kg…

Finished package products display

According to the characteristics of the product and packaging requirements, the parameters of the BBQ charcoal packing machine can be adjusted and customized to meet different production requirements.

Application range of BBQ charcoal packing machine

the bbq charcoal packing machine

In charcoal production, this barbecue charcoal packing machine can be specialized in packing charcoal balls.

But the application of the charcoal BBQ packing machine is very wide.

It can be used in the food industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, agricultural industry, daily necessities industry, mineral industry, frozen food industry, and animal feed industry.

In short, quantitative packaging machines have important applications in a variety of different industries, ensuring product consistency, quality, and efficiency through precise metering and packaging processes.

Charcoal briquete packing machine main structure

The main structure of a quantitative packaging machine usually includes the following key parts and components:

Feeding system, weighing or metering system, bag-making system, filling system, sealing and cutting system, conveyor system, automatic control system, operator interface, safety devices, and transmission systems such as conveyor belts, sealers, and cutters.

charcoal balls packaging machine

Charcoal packaging machine working video

charcoal packaging machine operation video

Working flow of quantitative packaging machine

The workflow of a dosing and packaging machine usually consists of the following major steps to achieve accurate dosing and packaging of products:

Product feeding

The product to be packaged is conveyed to the working area of the packaging machine through an infeed system.

Weighing or metering

In this step, the product passes through a weighing system or metering device. The system accurately measures the weight, volume, or quantity of the product and determines the metering parameters for each package according to the preset packaging requirements.

Packaging bag creation

Based on the product’s metering data, the packaging machine will pull the appropriate size packaging film from a roll. The film will be folded and formed into an open bag through a series of mechanical operations.

Product filling

Next, the measured product is accurately filled into the freshly formed bag. Filling can be accomplished by hopper feeding, vibratory feeding, etc.

Sealing and cutting

Once the product has been filled, the other side of the bag will be closed to form a sealed bag. Typically, the intervals between the bags will be cut so that each bag is independent.

Outfeed and collection

The completed bags will be removed from the outfeed end of the packaging machine, usually via a conveyor or other device for collection or further transportation for further packaging or distribution.

Automation control

The entire process is monitored and controlled by an automated control system to ensure that each package meets predetermined metering requirements, improving productivity and consistency.

Coal ball packing machine parameters

Below are the parameters of the packaging machine within the five 500kg/h BBQ charcoal plant:

  • Dimension: 3000*1150*2550mm
  • Packing weight: 20-50kg per bag
  • Packing speed: 300-400 bags per hour
  • Power: 1.7kw

Features of BBQ charcoal packing machine

  • Highly accurate measurement: Batch packaging machines use sophisticated weighing systems, counters, or volumetric measures to ensure that the product is accurately measured according to predetermined standards.
  • Multiple packaging types: These machines can be adapted to different packaging needs such as bags, cans, bottles, etc., and can be used for different types of products.
  • Automated operation: Batch packaging machines are usually equipped with an automated control system that realizes fully automated operation from dosing to packaging through sensors, electronic controls, and mechanical actuation.
  • Multi-product adaptability: They can be used for a wide range of product shapes, sizes, and properties, from solids to liquids, and from granules to powders.
  • Adjustability: Users can adjust the settings of the packaging machine according to the characteristics of the product and packaging requirements to meet different metering needs.
  • Widely used: Quantitative packaging machines are suitable for a variety of fields, such as food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging, and packaging of agricultural products.

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