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Briquette charcoal dryer, also called the heat pump dryer, refers to the evaporation of moisture from the surface of an object through heat. We will fix this equipment in a designated range of space called the drying room. Users control the temperature and humidity inside the drying room to dry the relevant items.

The batch charcoal drying machine replaces traditional electricity, coal boilers, natural gas boilers, firewood, and oil drying equipment. It reduces energy consumption for us. The drying method is faster and saves time. In modern society where labor costs are greatly increased, the application is more and more common.

What are materials handled by a box-type dryer?

Shuliy briquette charcoal dryer can not only dry honeycomb coal, coal rods, shisha charcoal produced by hookah charcoal making machines, and so on. It additionally has a large range of applications, including grains, food products (fruits, noodles, cured meat products), wood, medicinal herbs, minerals (ores, coal), etc.

In general, the briquette charcoal dryer is suitable for drying materials of various humidity or particle size, and different drying models and technologies can meet the drying needs of different materials.

Heating methods of batch-type drying machine

Different heating methods are suitable for different application scenarios and needs. At the same time, for some special needs, you can also combine a variety of heating methods to achieve more flexible drying solutions.

  1. Electrical heating: Using electrical heating elements (such as heating tubes, heating pads, etc.) to convert electrical energy into thermal energy, the drying operation is realized by heating the air.
  2. Steam heating: Steam is generated through the steam generator, and the steam is delivered to the heat exchanger inside the drying room to heat the air with the heat released from the steam.
  3. Natural gas or liquefied gas heating: Gas such as natural gas or liquefied gas is used as the heat source, and the heat is transferred to the air through combustion to realize drying.
  4. Coal-fired heating: Similar to gas-fired heating, coal-fired heating generates heat by burning coal and transferring it to the air for drying. However, due to environmental and energy consumption issues, this method is gradually reduced in application.
  5. Hot water circulation heating: Hot water is used to transfer heat to the air through a heat exchanger. This method is often used in drying scenarios where the temperature is low or stable temperature is required.
  6. Biomass pellet heating: Utilizes biomass pellets (e.g., wood pellets, straw pellets, etc.) for combustion to generate heat for drying operations. This method is environmentally friendly and renewable.

Batch briquette charcoal dryer main structure

The drying room is mainly composed of the following components:

  1. Air energy heat source heat pump host.
  2. Drying room insulated storage body.
  3. Hot air circulation device inside the drying room.
  4. Automatic moisture removal device.
  5. Automatic intelligent control device of temperature and humidity.
  6. Trolley and material tray for loading and placing materials.

Working principle of briquette charcoal drying room

The tools for placing materials are trolleys and pallets. So the materials are usually placed in the tray and pushed into the drying room by the trolley for drying.

Its working principle is based on heating and air circulation. By controlling the temperature, humidity, and airflow, the moisture in the materials will be evaporated to achieve the purpose of drying. The following is the basic workflow of the box drying room:

FeedingHeatingAir circulationHumid air dischargeMoisture evaporationDrying time and temperature controlFinished product removal.

Technical parameters of charcoal briquette box dryer

2.2*1.3*2m11kw30stainless steel550kg
box-type drying machine machine technical data

According to the different dimensions of briquette charcoal dryers, the specific technical parameters are also different. We can accept customers’ requirements for customization. If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us.

Advantages of briquette charcoal dryer

  • Energy saving: The energy consumption of briquette charcoal dryers can be reduced by more than 40% compared with ordinary dryers.
  • Low temperature: It is easy to realize low-temperature drying of 0-100℃ under normal pressure. At the same time can obtain high dry product quality.
  • Stable: Convenient to use an inert drying medium fully closed cycle. These can be flammable and explosive products, easy to oxidize, and deteriorate products for drying.
  • Environmental protection: Drying can not be discharged to the external environment of dust, or odor.

In the charcoal processing industry, in addition to this dryer, we also have other types of drying equipment to choose from, such as continuous mesh belt dryers and drum dryers. They process different raw materials. If you are interested, please click Charcoal briquette mesh belt dryer for continuous drying plant, Rotary Drum Dryer Machine For Sawdust Powder Drying Plant. Feel free to contact us.