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The wood shaving machine uses a rotating knife to plane wood into thin shavings or fine particles, and the depth of the cutter can be adjusted as needed to obtain shavings of different thicknesses. The wood shaving machine is usually used in the fields of wood processing, furniture manufacturing, building decoration, and some industries that produce mattresses, packaging materials, and so on.

On-site display of the machine

Main features and uses of wood shaving machine

Adjustable particle size of shavings: the wood shaving machine can adjust the position of the knives and the depth of the shavings, thus controlling the thickness and particle size of the shavings. This allows the shaver to meet the needs of different applications, such as the production of different types of lumber, paper, and joinery products.

Wood processing: Shaver machines are commonly used to shave logs or wood from the wood debarker machine, for the production of various types of panels such as plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, etc. Particleboard is a common material for construction and furniture manufacturing.

Furniture manufacturing: wood planer is more widely used in furniture manufacturing. It can plane wood into smooth chips for making surface finishes such as wood grain on the surface of furniture.

Packaging materials: The wood shaving machine can plane wood into fine shavings, which can be used to produce packaging materials, such as fillers and protective pads. These shavings fill boxes and protect packaged items from bumps and damage.

In a word, wood shaving machine has an important role in the fields of wood processing, furniture manufacturing, building decoration, packaging materials, etc. It can process wood into different forms of shavings to meet various production and manufacturing needs.

Reasons for choosing Shuliy wood shaver

Blade plate

Blade plate: This accessory is an important working part inside the machine, and the raw material is sliced by contact with the blade on this blade plate. The quality of the plate is good and not easily damaged.

Blades: A blade plate is equipped with four blades, after starting the machine, the blades rotate at a fast speed, planing the wood into thin slices, you can adjust the angle of inclination of the blade plate and the blades according to the need, to obtain different thicknesses of shavings.

Crushing blade
Mobile type wood shaving machine

Mobile wood shaver: To make it more convenient for users to use this machine in different scenarios, we can add wheels on the bottom of the machine, thus realizing mobility, saving time, and improving efficiency.

Good and strong wood fiber: the finished product of the shaver can be used as the raw material of the wood pallet press machine as well as the pallet block press machine, to process it into high-quality wood pallets, wood blocks, and so on.

Wood pallets

Workflow of wood shaving mill

how the wood shaver machine works
Wood shaving machine engine

The working principle of the wood shaver is to realize the processing and treatment of wood by planing the wood into thin slices or fine particles through rotating blades. The following is a detailed explanation of the working principle of the wood-shaving machine:


The wood to be processed is fed into the feed opening of the shaver.

Planing device

Inside the shaving machine, there are four rotating blades, usually planer knives or blades with sharp edges. These knives are mounted on a rotating shaft.

Shaving process

When wood is fed into the planer through the feed opening, the rotating knives gradually chip away the thin layer of the wood surface to form flakes or fine particles. The rotating motion of the knives and the sharp design of the cutting edges enable them to cut the wood effectively.

Shavings Production

During the planing process, thin layers of the wood surface are cut down to form shavings. The size and thickness of the shavings can be controlled by adjusting the cutter position of the planer and the depth of planing.


The shavings after planing are discharged from the discharge port of the wood shaving machine. These shavings can be further processed or used in different applications as required.

Parameters of wood shavings making machine

machine’s technical data

Wood shavings machine shipping sites

The quality of the wood shaver produced by Shuliy is excellent and the price is very competitive, so the sales of this equipment are very high. The main countries to which the machine is sold are South Africa and neighboring areas, where the machine is mostly purchased for use in horse farms and chicken farms. It is also sold to Uganda, Nigeria, and Middle East countries including Saudi Arabia, the USA, and Canada.

We promise to ship the machine on time within the shipping time and pack it tightly to prevent damage to the machine. In addition, after the user receives this wood shaving machine, we can train them to use the machine online. This has earned our company a good reputation, and the machine has been widely praised by customers after use.