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The automatic saw mill machine is a mechanical device used to cut the wood into desired sizes and shapes. It uses a cutting tool, such as a saw blade or a sawn blade, to cut wood by rotating or moving it at high speed. Wood sawmill is widely used in wood processing, construction engineering, furniture manufacturing, and other industries, providing convenience for subsequent processing and use.

Shuliy produces three main types of wood sawmill machines. The main ones are round log sawmill machines, vertical sawmills, and horizontal log sawmills. Each type of sawmill has its own characteristics. They are all great tools for processing rough logs into planks. We will recommend the right equipment for your specific needs.

Raw materials of the wood saw mill machine

Log saw mill machine

A log table saw is a horizontally positioned automatic saw mill machine. A log table saw cuts by pushing the log to move. It is used for processing round or semi-circular wood, such as logs or roundwood. The machine is particularly suitable for processing round logs with a diameter of less than or equal to 50 centimeters and is mainly used in small factories.

Applications of round log sawmill machine

The materials handled by round log sawmill machines are untreated logs. In order to be able to process the rough logs into boards that are easy to further process and handle, people use sawmills.

Areas of application of automatic saw mill machines: Automatic saw mill machines are used in a wide range of applications such as wood processing plants, construction sites, furniture manufacturing, woodworking workshops, wood recycling, and reuse.

Structure of the large log sawmill

Large log sawmill mainly includes a frame, table, push table system, saw blade and saw wheel, drive system, cutting guide system, cutting size adjustment system, safety device, and so on. The workflow of the Wood sawmill machine is log feeding, fixing logs, cutting operation, adjusting cutting size and angle, and discharging.

Round log sawmill machine advantages

  1. Strong flexibility: The cutting size adjustment system is used to adjust the distance between the saw blade and the log, so as to realize the cutting of different thicknesses of wood.
  2. Excellent cutting quality: Automatic saw mill machine is able to realize smooth and precise cutting, which ensures the cutting quality and precision of the wood.
  3. Saving raw materials: Due to its efficient cutting ability, it can maximize the use of raw materials and reduce the waste of wood.
  4. Environmental protection and energy saving: Some log saw mill machines use energy-saving technology to reduce energy consumption, in line with environmental requirements.

Vertical lumber mill saw machine

A vertical lumber mill saw is a type of saw with a blade perpendicular to the table, allowing the wood to be cut in a vertical direction. This design makes the automatic sawmill machine suitable for handling longer pieces of wood or lumber. Lumber mill saws are widely used in the furniture manufacturing, construction, and decorating industries. Installing a vertical sawmill requires digging a hole in the ground to place the lower part of the vertical sawmill.

Components of vertical lumber mill saw machine

  1. Base: supports the whole equipment and provides a stable working platform.
  2. Saw frame (including saw blade and frame structure).
  3. Motor.
  4. Work table: cutting depth and angle adjustment device.
  5. Safety protection devices: such as brakes, safety guards, etc.
  6. Operation panel: control the operation of the vertical sawmill, including starting, stopping, and adjusting the cutting depth and angle).
  7. Auxiliary devices: this part generally includes an automatic feeding device, cutting guide, etc.

Features of wood sawmill machine

  1. High cutting precision: Vertical sawmill adopts the vertical cutting method, which makes the cutting more accurate and stable.
  2. Wide range of applications: Vertical automatic sawmill machine is suitable for various types and sizes of wood, with strong adaptability.
  3. Space-saving: The wood sawmill machine covers a small area, which is especially suitable for wood processing in limited space, saving the production site.
  4. Easy to operate: The operation of a vertical sawmill is relatively simple, the operator can easily master its workflow, reducing the difficulty of operation.
  5. Low noise: Vertical sawmill machine adopts an efficient vibration-damping device, which reduces the noise level and provides a better working environment.

Automatic vertical saw mill machine workflow

Log positioning: Firstly, the logs to be processed are fixed on the working table of the vertical sawmill.

Adjust cutting parameters: the operator adjusts the cutting depth and angle of the vertical sawmill according to the need.

Start the sawmill: Turn on the power switch of the vertical sawmill.

Cutting wood: Move the activated saw blade down slowly to start cutting logs.

Controlling the cutting speed: The operator controls the cutting speed manually to ensure a smooth and efficient cut.

Finish cutting: Continue to adjust the position of the log until the entire log is finished.

Horizontal timber saw mill machine overview

The horizontal timber sawmill machine is a tool that cuts logs in a horizontal direction. In a horizontal sawmill, the saw blade is mounted in a horizontal position. And the log is placed on the table and pushed in a horizontal direction to make the cut. This type of cutting makes the horizontal sawmill suitable for handling long strips of lumber or logs such as boards, beams, squares, etc.

Elements of horizontal timber sawmill machine

A horizontal sawmill mainly consists of a cutting table or work table, saw frame, saw blade, transmission, cutting guide, and operating system.

Strengths of horizontal timber saw mill machine

  1. Stable operation: The cutting table of the horizontal sawmill is placed horizontally and the log or timber is lying flat, so the cutting process is more stable.
  2. Wide applicability: Automatic saw mill machine is suitable for various sizes and shapes of wood with strong adaptability.
  3. Simple operation: The operation of a horizontal sawmill is relatively simple, and usually only needs an operator to complete the cutting task.
  4. High safety: Cutting table of the horizontal sawmill is low, and the log or timber is fixed on the working table, which reduces the risk of slipping and shooting during the working process and improves the safety of operation.
  5. Convenient maintenance: the structure of the automatic saw mill machine is relatively simple, and maintenance and repair are relatively easy.

There are various kinds of wood recycling equipment manufactured by Shuliy, such as wood crushers, wood chippers, wood peelers, and so on. These machines can be matched together to produce a variety of finished wood products according to your needs. Welcome to consult us anytime!