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The rotary drum dryer machine is commonly used to evaporate the moisture of wet sawdust, wood chips, rice husk, etc. through the heat transfer of hot air inside the drum. Finally, the material reaches the required drying degree.

how the drum drying machine works

Generally, the rotary drum dryer machine is used in the process of producing biomass briquettes. This wood dust dryer machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, a wide range of applications, easy operation, and so on.

Wood dust dryer machine application scope

Wood dust dryer machines can dry fine raw materials, such as wood chips, rice husk, straw, grass, bagasse, grain, food, feed, and so on. It is popular in metallurgy, the chemical industry, coal, fertilizer, ore, agriculture, and other industries.

Components of the rotary drum dryer machine

The wood sawdust biomass dryer contains a screw elevator, cylinder, combustion chamber, reducer, blower, shaken, electrical control system, and other components.

Wood sawdust biomass dryer working principle

Wet material is fed into the feeding hopper through the screw elevator, and the burning material in the combustion chamber generates hot air.

The hot gas flow and wet material enter the cylinder of the machine together. The cylinder begins to rotate so that the material under the action of gravity gradually moves from high to low.

There are several shovel plates welded on the inner wall of the cylinder, with the rotation of the machine, the shovel plates increase the contact surface between the material and the airflow. This speeds up the drying speed and pushes the material to move forward.

In the process of wet material moving forward, the hot air continuously heats the material to make it dry.

Finally, the dust collector collects the material carried in the gas. Exhaust gas and water vapor are discharged from the upper outlet, while the dried material is discharged from the lower outlet.

industrial sawdust drying equipment working video

Features of wood dust dryer machine

  • High-efficiency drying: The drum dryer adopts the hot air produced by the rotating drum and heater, so that the wet materials are in full contact with the hot air, thus realizing high-efficiency drying.
  • Widely used: The rotary drum dryer machine is suitable for many kinds of raw materials. It is widely used in different industries and fields.
  • Flexible adjustment: By controlling the temperature of the heater and the rotating speed of the drum, the drying process of the drum dryer can be adjusted flexibly.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: The heat energy of the biomass dryer can be recycled to reduce energy consumption.

Application of sawdust dryer in the charcoal production line

In the charcoal briquette production line(https://charcoal-machine.com/charcoal-briquette-processing-plant/), this dryer is necessary to be able to process the raw material into the right moisture. Only after drying can the material be processed in the next step.

In the beginning, we need to crush the raw materials into the right size. And then we put these materials into the rotary drum dryer machine.

After drying, the material will be put into the sawdust press machine for extrusion. After that, the rods will be put into the carbonization furnace to be carbonized into charcoal rods.

Drum rotary sawdust drying machine technical parameters

ModelDimensionFeed DiameterCapacityPower
machine technical data

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