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Customer background information

Recently, our company successfully delivered a wood sawdust briquette making machine production line to a large charcoal producer in Ghana. The customer operates a forest and is committed to processing wood into high-quality charcoal sticks for heating and other purposes. They plan to sell or export the sticks they produce through a variety of channels and have certain requirements for product quality.

Wood sawdust briquette making machines installation site

During the delivery process, our installation technician traveled to Ghana to perform installation and commissioning, as well as training on the use of the machine. In addition, our business manager shared information such as shipment drawings, factory stock drawings, and feedback videos.

The customer also chose to introduce our machine after a special visit to our factory. The on-site pictures show the installation and debugging of the machine, demonstrating our professional technology and service quality.

Reasons for meeting customers’ needs

Customers choose our company’s wood sawdust briquette making machine production line because our machines can not only meet customers’ demand for wood recycling but also improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, to enhance customers’ competitiveness and market share.

Our company has specialized in the charcoal machine processing industry for many years and has many years of experience, if interested, please feel free to contact us, we are your best choice.