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The owner of a small woodworking workshop in Zimbabwe has recently become our new customer in Africa by successfully purchasing a wood pallet block press machine from our company.

wood pallet block press machine
wood pallet block press machine

About the Customer Background

  • This customer became interested in our wood briquetting machine by browsing through our Youtube videos of the machine working.
  • Through in-depth communication with our business manager, we learned that the customer’s carpentry workshop is mainly engaged in the production of handicrafts and furniture, and faces the problem of difficulty to dispose of waste wood.

Why Choose Wood Pallet Block Press Machine

The customer produces a large amount of waste wood and wood chips during the operation of the woodworking workshop. While looking for a more environmentally friendly and efficient waste disposal method, he saw the operation of the wood briquetting machine through our video.

wood sawdust pallet block making machine
wood sawdust pallet block making machine

The machine’s ability to convert waste wood and wood chips into compact and sturdy wood briquettes not only reduces the environmental impact of the waste but also provides a more flexible and sustainable way to utilize energy.

Machine Expectations and Needs

  1. Waste treatment: With the wood pallet block press machine, customers expect to be able to efficiently treat all types of waste wood and wood chips generated in woodworking workshops, reducing the waste footprint in the workplace.
  2. Energy utilization: As a biomass energy source, wood matting can be used for boiler heating or other thermal energy utilization, through which the customer expects to achieve energy self-sufficiency.
  3. Productivity Improvement: By reducing the time and cost of waste disposal, the introduction of the wood briquette machine is expected to improve the overall productivity of woodworking workshops.
compressed wood pallet block machine
compressed wood pallet block machine

Looking to the Future

The customer shared his experience of using the wood matting machine after purchase. He said that the introduction of this machine not only made the production of the woodworking workshop more environmentally friendly but also achieved significant improvement in waste disposal.

Through this exchange, we see the potential of wood pallet block press machines in the African regional market and will continue to work hard to provide efficient and environmentally friendly waste treatment solutions to support more enterprises to achieve the goal of sustainable development.