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Earlier this month, our company received a customer from Indonesia who wanted to purchase a horizontal wood debarker machine.

Customer background analysis

This Indonesian customer operates a wooden door manufacturer, specializing in producing high-quality wooden doors.

Peeling logs is a key step in their manufacturing process. To improve productivity and the quality of finished products, the customer sought an efficient and reliable wood debarker to fulfill its production needs.

Needs for horizontal wood debarker

The customer’s main need was to find a debarker to efficiently process pine logs to increase production efficiency and reduce labor costs while ensuring debarking quality. The bark of pine is soft and easy to peel off.

Based on the customer’s needs, we recommend a horizontal wood debarker machine suitable for processing pine wood. This machine is designed to process all types of logs, especially for pine, a species with a soft bark.

By communicating with us in detail and checking the shipment drawings, factory spot drawings, and feedback videos, the customer fully understands and trusts our production strength and product quality.

We have many years of experience in wood processing machinery manufacturing, and the quality of our products and technical services are highly recognized by customers all over the world. Welcome to browse this website for more detailed information about wood processing machines, feel free to contact us for a machine quotation.