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The hydraulic shisha charcoal briquette machine uses the power of a hydraulic system to compress and shape the raw material to produce charcoal briquettes for use in hookah pipes.

This machine combines hydraulic technology and the carbonization process to compress and shape the pre-treated raw materials into strong and regular charcoal briquettes. High-quality hookah charcoal can be efficiently prepared, providing a unique experience for hookah smoking.

hydraulic hookah charcoal briquette press machine working video

Shuliy’s hydraulic shisha charcoal briquette machine

Our hydraulic shisha charcoal briquette machine can handle all kinds of coal powder, charcoal powder, and other powders. It is similar in function to the stainless steel shisha charcoal making machine. Our hydraulic hookah charcoal press machine has different models.

The machine can press and mold in one second, with high pressure and high molding density. Our hydraulic hookah charcoal press machine is easy to operate and has excellent performance, which is supported and loved by many customers.

Application range of hydraulic charcoal press machine

Hydraulic shisha charcoal briquette machine is mainly used for powder molding of carbon powder, coal powder, disinfectant, mothball, detergent, glass powder, bath salt, etc.

It has a wide range of applications. Among them, the most frequently handled are charcoal powder and coal powder. The extruded charcoal briquettes are used for burning to provide heat energy or burning to generate electricity.

Finished products of hydraulic hookah charcoal machine

Our hookah charcoal making machine can produce charcoal briquettes in various shapes. The most common of them are square and round. Among the most common sizes are:
Square shape: 20*20*20mm, 25*25*25mm.
Round shape: diameter 30mm, 33mm, 34mm, 35mm, 40mm.

Structure of hydraulic shisha charcoal machine

Hydraulic shisha charcoal briquette machine usually consists of a hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve, gland and briquette mold, control system, and so on.

The hydraulic cylinder is the core component, which drives the piston to generate force through the pressure provided by the hydraulic pump. The gland and briquette mold play the role of bearing pressure and shaping charcoal briquettes.

Mold of charcoal briquette press machine

hydraulic hookah press machine mold

The molds of this hydraulic shisha charcoal briquette machine are usually square and round. However, we can also customize the molds with various shapes, patterns, logos, and sizes according to customers’ needs.

Hydraulic charcoal press machine transportation belt feature

The hydraulic shisha charcoal briquette machine is equipped with a transportation belt mesh belt, or it can be equipped with a flat one. The transportation belt of the mesh belt is good for leaking excess coal dust.

mesh belt of hydraulic shisha charcoal machine

Working video of hookah charcoal pressing machines

3 types of hookah charcoal-making machine operation video

Hydraulic shisha charcoal forming machine parameters

The technical parameters of hydraulic hookah charcoal machines may vary depending on the model, manufacturer, and design requirements. The following are some of the SL-HS-2 Model common technical parameters that may be available for hydraulic hookah charcoal machines:

Model: SL-HS-2

  • Pressure: 80tons
  • Weight: 2800kg
  • Hydraulic pump power: 18.5kw
  • Main host dimension: 1000*2100*2000mm
  • Feeding power: 0.75kw
  • Discharge power: 0.75kw
  • Discharge conveyor: 800*850*1850mm
  • Control cabinet size: 530*900*1100mm
  • Capacity:
  • 42 pieces per time, 3 times per minute(round shape)
  • 44 pieces per time, 3 times per minute(cubic shape)
shuliy hydraulic shisha charcoal making machine

How does a hydraulic hookah charcoal molding machine work?

Raw material preparation

First, the raw material used to prepare the hookah charcoal needs to be prepared. This is usually wood chips, bamboo chips, or other fibrous raw materials that have been mixed, crushed, and processed; spices, herbs, etc. can also be added.

Mixing the binder

The raw material is mixed with a binder, which may be vegetable gum, starch, etc., which provides the binding force required for molding.

Hydraulic system operation

The hydraulic shisha charcoal briquette machine has an internal hydraulic system, which consists of a hydraulic tank, a hydraulic pump, a hydraulic cylinder, and other components. The hydraulic system will provide a high-pressure fluid (usually hydraulic oil), which is fed into the hydraulic cylinder via a hydraulic pump.

Compression molding

When liquid enters a hydraulic cylinder, the cylinder is pressurized by the liquid, which creates force. This force is transmitted to the raw material in the molding chamber through the plunger or piston, compressing the raw material into a certain shape of charcoal briquette.

Release pressure

Once the charcoal briquettes are formed and the hydraulic system stops supplying fluid, the pressure in the hydraulic cylinder decreases, releasing the pressure on the charcoal briquettes.

Drying and packaging

The charcoal briquettes need to be dried to remove the moisture from them, to increase the calorific value, and to improve stability. In addition, it can be treated for flavor, etc. as needed.

The control of the hydraulic system allows for consistency and stability of the charcoal briquettes, thus providing the hookah smoker with a high-quality smoke and smoking experience.

What are the features of hydraulic hookah charcoal machine?

  • High Pressure and Stability: Hydraulic shisha charcoal briquette machine utilizes the hydraulic principle, which can provide high pressure so that the charcoal powder can be tightly combined to form solid charcoal briquettes. At the same time, the large pressing force can ensure that the density and shape of the charcoal briquettes are always consistent.
  • Precise control: The hydraulic shisha charcoal briquette machine is equipped with hydraulic valves and a control system, which can precisely control the parameters such as pressure, flow, and pressing time.
  • High Efficiency: The high pressure and fast action of the hydraulic hookah charcoal machine make the charcoal powder pressing process more efficient.
  • Reliability and durability: The hydraulic charcoal press machine has a sturdy structural design and excellent manufacturing process, with good reliability and durability. They can run stably for a long time and provide lasting support for production.