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Recently, a customer from Ghana expressed the need to purchase a BBQ charcoal balling production line and contacted our company for consultation. After our professional business manager’s detailed introduction and patient answer, the customer decided to come to visit our factory in person.

Customer needs and initial contact

This Ghanaian customer has a clear demand for a barbecue charcoal briquette processing line and took the initiative to contact our company for consultation.

After the initial communication with our business manager, the customer has a strong interest in our products and services and expressed his wish to further understand and investigate.

Charcoal balling production line factory tour

To meet the customer’s needs, we warmly received the customers from Ghana and arranged a factory tour and detailed explanation of each machine.

Our sales manager gave a comprehensive introduction to the working principle, machine performance, and production process of the BBQ charcoal ball processing line to ensure that our customers have a clear understanding of our products and production process.