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The charcoal briquette processing plant is a set of automated production equipment specially designed for producing coal bars, through a series of process steps, raw materials such as coal powder are mixed, pressed, and dried to make a compact, high-energy density solid fuel product.

This kind of charcoal briquette product has a wide range of applications in many fields such as stoves, heating, industrial ovens, and so on. This line realizes the effective use of coal resources, improves the economic and environmental benefits of coal, and becomes an important part of the coal processing field.

This production line belongs to carbonization first and then molding, which is the main difference from the traditional charcoal production line which is molding first and then carbonization.

How to get charcoal feedstock for making briquettes

The raw materials used to make briquettes are usually coal dust and charcoal powder.

Alternatively, charcoal can be made from biomass materials such as waste wood, twigs, coconut shells, rice husks, bamboo, and palm shells. These materials need to be first carbonized using a charcoal furnace for charring operation and to get the following materials.

Finished product of charcoal briquette processing plant

The finished briquette charcoal has various advantages, such as high calorific value and efficient combustion, low humidity, uniformity, low ash, and easy storage and transportation, which make it popular in several applications.

Biomass charcoal making line working video

Charcoal briquette processing plant workflow

This production line is a kind of charcoal-making production line, only the molding equipment is different. We also sell barbecue charcoal, shisha charcoal, and honeycomb coal production lines. Please click the link at the end of this article for more details about the other three types of production lines.

The charcoal briquette processing plant needs to go through a series of processes: coal powder preparationraw materials mixingpressing and moldingdryingcoolingquality control and packaging.

Main components of the charcoal briquette production line

The above process needs to be completed with the following important pieces of equipment:

charcoal carbonization furnace

Charcoal carbonization furnace

Continuous carbonization furnace plays a vital role in briquettes by removing volatile substances from the materials, increasing the calorific value of the finished products, reducing the moisture content, and so on.

In addition, vertical carbonization, and horizontal carbonization furnaces are also available.

Coal Crusher

Coal crushing machine

The coal crusher crushes raw coal lumps into finely powdered coal for subsequent mixing and molding steps. This device can also be replaced by a hammer mill.

It also increases the surface area, which helps the binder mix better with the coal powder and improves the stability and combustion performance of the briquettes.

wheel charcoal grinder

Stirring and glue mixing

The glue mixing operation is one of the key steps in the charcoal briquette processing plant for mixing the coal powder and the binder.

This ensures that the binder is uniformly dispersed throughout the coal bar mixture to ensure that each bar has the same bonding properties and stability.

charcoal briquette machine

Charcoal briquette extruder machine

This machine is the key equipment in a charcoal briquette processing plant, which mixes and presses the coal powder and binder to make the coal bar.

Improve the denseness of the coal rods, making them more solid and stable, not easy to disintegrate or break. Then products can be packaged in heat shrink film after processing.

Charcoal briquette forming molds display

About the specific introduction of the charcoal briquette press machine and how it works, you can learn by clicking this article: Charcoal briquette machine for fuel production line.

According to the customer’s different needs for the shape and size of the finished product, we can provide different molds to achieve. These molds and wearing parts can be free of charge when purchasing the charcoal briquette processing plant.

Advantages of charcoal briquette processing plant

Charcoal briquette processing plants have many advantages that make them an efficient and sustainable method of preparing coal bars.

  1. Resource Utilization: The coal bar production line can utilize coal, a common and abundant resource, by converting coal powder and waste coal briquettes into valuable fuel products, which reduces the waste of resources.
  2. High Efficiency and Production: The charcoal briquette processing plant usually adopts an automated process, which can efficiently produce large quantities of coal briquettes. This helps to meet market demand and improve production efficiency.
  3. Consistent product quality: The level of automation in the production line ensures that each coal briquette has consistent size, shape, and quality, increasing the level of product standardization.
  4. Multiple applications: Coal briquettes can be used in a variety of applications, including heating, cooking, industrial heating, etc., and thus have a wide market demand.