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This sawdust briquette machine is the main equipment to make hollow bar solid fuel (mechanism charcoal) under high pressure by utilizing wood materials such as bamboo (wood) sawdust, rice husk, peanut shell, shavings, bagasse, and so on (without adding any binder). This machine adopts a temperature adjustment indicator, which can be operated stably under the set temperature, and has the advantages of reasonable structure, simple operation and maintenance.

The solid fuel (mechanism charcoal) produced by the sawdust briquette machine is easy to catch fire, has a high calorific value (more than 20% compared with general wood), less pollutants during combustion, and has a high specific gravity which makes it easy to be stored and transported. It can give full play to the utilization of agricultural and forestry residues and reduce the contradiction of the tension between agricultural and forestry energy in our country.

Sawdust briquette machine usage scope

The sawdust briquette machine can process many different materials such as rural crop stalks, cotton stalks, sesame stalks, corn stalks, and corn cobs. Furniture factories, bamboo factories, chopstick factories, etc. inside the edge of the waste. There are also fruit forests, gardens, and other pruning down the branches and so on. These raw materials need to be crushed by the hammer wood crusher first.

Biomass briquette extruder machine structure

The important working parts of the pini kay briquette machine are the screw propeller, heating ring, and molding cylinder, because of the high-intensity work, these accessories wear out faster.

These parts produced by Shuliy are of good quality, very durable, and have a long service life. If customers buy these accessories back, they can be sold at a discounted price and can be given away free of charge when purchasing large quantities.

How to use this sawdust press machine

This sawdust briquette machine makes use of the inherent characteristics of wood raw materials, through spiral extrusion, under high temperature and high pressure, the lignin in the wood raw materials is plasticized so that the microfibers are combined to form a rod-shaped solid fuel.

First of all, the sawdust raw material can be obtained through the wood crusher machine. Before using the sawdust briquette machine, turn on the switch, heat the heating ring to around 300 degrees, and then put the raw material into the hopper.

The motor drives the pulley, the pulley drives the belt, and the belt drives the bearings. And the bearings drive the spiral propeller to extrude forward.

The pusher pushes the material into the molding cylinder wrapped with a heating ring, at which time the lignin is melted and pyrolyzed to make the material into a strong rod, the final length of which is controlled by a baffle.


  • Rod-shaped solid fuel processing plant


  • Sawdust briquette machine

Materials: Wood sawdust

Main technical parameters and performance

  • Installed power: 18.5-22kw 380v 50Hz
  • Motor power:18.5-22kw
  • Heating power: 6kw
  • Heating temperature: 260-380℃.
  • Machine size: LXWXH=2270X600X1580MM, 630kg (V-type, including the broken bar frame) 2390X680X1780MM, 680kg (VI types, including bar-breaking frame) 2390X680X2150MM, 780kg (VII types, high frame, including bar-breaking rack)
  • Raw material requirements: (1) moisture content: 8–12% (wet basis) (2) Particle size: ≦5mm
  • Product performance: (1) Outer size: Diameter: 46-50mm Inner diameter: 10-20mm Length: adjustable according to requirements (2) Specific gravity: 900-1300kg/m³(finished product density) (3) Calorific value: 4000-5000kcaI/kg

Different color machines can be customized:

Finished product of the sawdust briquette machine

The mechanism charcoal sticks processed by this equipment can be burned directly as solid fuel, for example, it can be usually used in the fireplace in European and American families.

After we process this kind of finished product, we pack them with heat shrink film, which can well achieve the effect of being moisture-proof and easy to carry.

Widely uses of the finished product

The finished product of a sawdust briquette machine is a compacted block or briquette made from compressed sawdust and other biomass materials. These briquettes have several practical and versatile uses across various industries and applications. Some common uses of the finished product from a sawdust briquette machine include:

  • Fuel Source: Sawdust briquettes can be used as a renewable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fossil fuels like coal, charcoal, and wood. They can be burned in industrial boilers, furnaces, and stoves to generate heat for cooking, space heating, and industrial processes.
  • Energy Generation: Sawdust briquettes can be used in biomass power plants to produce electricity. They are considered a sustainable energy source, as the carbon dioxide released during combustion is roughly equal to the carbon dioxide absorbed by the plants during their growth.
  • Domestic Heating: In some regions, sawdust briquettes are used as a source of heat for residential heating purposes. They can be burned in stoves or specially designed-briquette-burning heaters.
  • Waste Reduction: Sawdust briquettes help in utilizing sawmill residues and other biomass waste materials that would otherwise be discarded, contributing to waste reduction and resource optimization.

Strengths of sawdust briquette machine

  1. The bearings, screws, and base of the sawdust briquette machine are all made of the best quality materials.
  2. It is suitable for pressing and molding all kinds of biomass raw materials with low energy consumption and high production efficiency.
  3. Change the three bearings of the old machine center to four, increasing the stability and durability of the machine.
  4. Increase the pitch to increase the feeding volume, thus greatly increasing the output.
  5. Improved the structure of the molding cylinder, reducing the friction between the machine and the raw material and increasing the density of the core.