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The hammer mill crusher uses hammer blades to shred and crush wood. Hammer wood crushing machines are usually suitable for processing various types and sizes of wood, as well as wood waste, branches, boards, wood chips, etc. It is widely used in wood processing, biomass pellet production, animal feed processing, wood panel production, and other industries.

Wide application of hammer crushing machine

Wood hammer mill crusher is very versatile, it can process wood, wood chips, straw, waste wood, planks, charcoal briquettes, and so on. But the raw material should not contain metal or other harder foreign materials.

The treated wood chips are more delicate and can be used for further wood processing. For example, biomass pellet fuel, animal feed, paper, plate, etc., to realize the recycling of resources.

large capacity wood pallet crushing machine working site

Its main applications include the following:

  1. Biomass energy production: A wood hammer mill is used to produce biomass energy, such as wood pellets, biomass fuel pellets, and so on. By pulverizing raw materials such as wood into appropriate-sized sawdust, it can be more conveniently pressed and burned for heating and power generation.
  2. Wood processing: A wood hammer mill can pulverize logs, blocks, and other wood for the production of wood pulp, paper, fiberboard, particleboard, and other wood products.
  3. Agricultural waste processing: straw, rice husk, peanut shells, and other crop waste can be crushed and processed by the pulverizer for the production of organic fertilizers, animal feed, and so on.

In short, the wood hammer mill crusher has important applications in biomass energy production, wood processing, waste treatment, and other fields, which can crush all kinds of fibrous and lumpy raw materials into granular materials suitable for different purposes.

Hammer mill crusher main structure

hammer mill crusher main body

Externally, the main part of the machine includes the inlet, crushing chamber, and discharging port.

  1. Inlet: The raw material wood is put into the machine for crushing.
  2. Crushing chamber: It is the main area of wood crushing, and there are several rotating hammer blades or hammers inside.
  3. Discharge port: the crushed wood chips are discharged from the machine through the discharge port.

Pad plate: In the high-intensity operation of the hammer blade working process, to protect the machine’s back shell, we added a pad plate inside, which makes the machine not easy to damage, more wear-resistant, and longer life.

pad plate of machine's back shell
sieves with different hole size

Sieves: According to the user’s requirements for different fineness and crushing sizes of the finished product, we can customize the corresponding sieve mesh with different hole sizes.

Cyclone dust collector: After crushing the material can subsequently be equipped with a dust collector, of the material by the fan blowing the dust collector, coupled with the bag, and the role is to collect dust to prevent pollution.

dust collector along with hammer mill crusher

Advantages of wood hammer mill crusher

  • Good pulverizing effect: Hammer mill crusher can process wood into fine particles or fragments, with a better pulverizing effect. Suitable for biomass pellet production, animal feed processing, and other industries.
  • Safe and reliable: Hammer chip wood crusher is designed with safety in mind and equipped with safety protection devices.
  • Adjustable: This machine is usually equipped with an adjustable screen, which can adjust the particle size of wood sawdust according to demand.
  • Large output: The output of a large hammer mill crusher can reach three to four times of a small wood crusher.

How the hammer wood crusher works

Wood hammer mill crusher works

The wood hammer mill crusher utilizes high-speed rotating hammers to impact and strike the raw materials, pulverize them into the required particle size, and separate the different sizes of particles through sieving.
This working principle makes the wood hammer mill one of the important equipment for processing biomass raw materials. Its working principle mainly includes the following steps:


Feed the raw materials to be processed into the feeding port of the wood hammer chip pulverizer. Raw materials can be wood, bamboo, straw, and other biomass, usually larger blocks or fibers.

Crushing Process

Inside the wood hammer mill crusher, there is a rotor or turntable composed of hammer blades. When the raw material into the crusher, the rotor or turntable will rotate at high speed, while the hammer blade is in the process of rotation constantly impacts and hits the raw material. The high-speed impact of these hammers and striking force will gradually crush the raw materials from chunky or fibrous into smaller particles.


The crushed material is screened through the screen inside the machine. The aperture of the screen can be set as required to control the particle size of the final product. Smaller particles pass through the aperture of the screen while larger particles continue to be crushed inside the machine.


After screening, the material that has reached the desired particle size is discharged from the discharge port of the pulverizer. These crushed pellets can be used for various applications such as biomass energy production, wood processing, waste treatment, and so on.


  • Sawdust making line


  • Hammer mill crusher

Materials: Wood waste, branches, boards, wood chips, etc.

Technical data of hammer wood shredder

Dust remover(pcs)55551414
Cyclone diameter(M)111111
Capacity (T/h)0.8-11-1.51.5-22-33-44-5
large wood crusher parameters

Working video of wood hammer mill shredder

hammer-type wood shredding machine working video

Hammer mill crusher finished product

The finished product after processing by the wood hammer mill is usually crushed wood particles or fibrous materials, and its specific form and use depend on the type of raw materials and processing requirements. The following are some possible finished products:

  • Wood pellets: Wood pellets can be obtained by processing raw materials such as wood through a wood hammer mill. These pellets are usually used for biomass energy production, such as wood pellet fuel, for heating, power generation, and so on.
  • Biomass Pellets: The wood hammer mill can also process various biomass raw materials, such as straw, bamboo, waste furniture, etc., into biomass pellets. These pellets can be used as animal feed, organic fertilizer, biomass fuel, etc.
  • Wood pulp: A wood hammer chip mill can also process wood into wood pulp for the production of paper, fiberboard, particle board, and other wood products.

It is important to note that the specific use of the finished product depends on the nature of the raw material and the way it is handled during processing. The finished products processed by the wood hammer mill crusher can usually meet a variety of needs, such as biomass energy production, wood processing, and waste treatment.