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Driven by our customer’s trust and our company’s unremitting efforts, we are pleased to announce the recent successful sale of a highly efficient sawdust briquetting press machine to a start-up enterprise in Cambodia. This transaction was successfully delivered at the end of September.

Sawdust Briquetting Press Machine Customer Introduction

Our client is a Cambodian company specializing in the production of wood products. With the growing demand for environmentally friendly products, the customer wanted to introduce an efficient and energy-saving sawdust briquetting press machine to improve the production efficiency of their wood products.

Benefits of Shuliy’s Sawdust Briquetting Machine

Our wood sawdust bar-making machine is highly appreciated by our customers for the following features:

  1. Efficient production: It adopts an advanced production process, which can produce a large quantity of high-quality wooden bars in a short time.
  2. Flexibility: The machine is designed to be flexible and suitable for the production of wood sticks of different specifications and sizes to meet the diversified needs of customers.
  3. Energy saving and environmental protection: Adopting advanced energy management technology to minimize energy consumption and meet customers’ requirements for environmental protection.

Machine Price Advantage and Technical Data

Although our sawdust briquetting press machines are at the leading edge of technology and performance, we have always adhered to a competitive pricing strategy to ensure that our customers can get an excellent price/performance ratio.

Machine parameters:

  • Model: SL-50
  • Capacity: 250-300 kg/h
  • Power: 18.5kw
  • Voltage: 380v,50hz,3phase
  • Package size: 1580*675*1625
  • Weight: 750kg

Cambodia Customer Feedback

Customers are satisfied with our sawdust stick making machine. They emphasize the high efficiency of the machine, which has led to a significant increase in their production capacity. The customer said that our company not only improved their production level but also created greater economic benefits for their business.