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Good news! The Ecuadorian customer purchased the coal powder briquetting machine and related equipment from us to help his business expand production!

Why customer need the coal powder briquetting machine?

The customer is in Ecuador and has a professional honeycomb coal production business. Recently the customer wanted to use the coal powder briquetting machine to produce different shapes of coal briquettes.

So the customer needs related charcoal briquette production equipment. After understanding the customer chooses to communicate with us. The customer has imported machines from China before and has some knowledge and experience of Chinese devices.

Key points of communication about the charcoal extruder

  1. About the binder of coal powder. We answered the customer’s question. And if the customer buys our coal bar machine, we can gift some binders for free.
  2. We were showing the coal powder briquetting machine to customers. We sent customers the working video and parameters of related devices. For example a drying room, wood crusher, and charcoal briquette extruder machine. Moreover, we will provide customers with updates and changes to the machines from time to time.

Customer’s raw material for making charcoal briquettes

charcoal extruder machine

The customer’s raw materials are mainly coconut shells and bagasse, carbon dust, coal dust, cow dung, and grass dust, which are suitable for our coal briquette machine.

Test run and delivery of the coal dust briquetting machine

After each machine is finished, we will send the test video to the customer for checking. Then we will do the packing and loading.

The high efficiency of this coal powder briquetting machine enables them to meet market demand and expand business operations. Our customers are very satisfied with the performance and durability of the charcoal extruder. He also pointed out that the machine has greatly reduced manual labor, increased productivity, greatly reduced pollution and significantly improved air quality.