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Shuliy is well known for its leading wood processing machinery and equipment. Recently, our company successfully sold a wood log shavings machine to a customer in Botswana to promote the development of the wood processing field.

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Background information on the customer

The client in Botswana is a company dedicated to wood processing and furniture manufacturing. As one of the major wood processors in the region, they are always on the lookout for innovative technologies to improve the productivity and quality of wood processing.

Their need was to find a machine that could efficiently process logs and produce high-quality shavings for use in the furniture manufacturing and construction industries.

Advantages of Shuliy’s wood log shavings machine

Our company’s wood shaver is highly appreciated by our customers for the following advantages:

  1. High production capacity and efficiency: Our wood shaving machines have excellent capacity and can process various types of wood quickly, thus increasing the productivity of our customers.
  2. Precise shavings adjustment: The wood log shavings machines have highly adjustable shavings thickness control, customers can easily adjust the thickness of the shavings according to different needs to ensure product quality.
  3. Durable and reliable: The wood shavers are made of high-quality materials with a long service life and low maintenance cost, providing customers with reliable performance.

Machine parameters

Below are the parameters of the wood log shavings machine models we ship to Botswana, which we can customize to suit different needs. If you want to know more parameters of other machine models, please feel free to contact us.

  • Model: SL-600
  • Capacity: 500kg per hour
  • Power: 15kW
  • Thickness range of shavings: 1-5mm
  • Overall dimensions: customizable according to customer requirements

Customer feedback

The customer is very satisfied with our wood shaving machines. They emphasize the machine’s high efficiency, stability, and low maintenance costs, features that have brought substantial improvements to their wood processing business. The customer stated that the machine will provide a reliable basis for the quality of their products and increase their competitiveness in the market.