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The charcoal production line takes wood, wood chips, or other plant-based raw materials through the processes of crushing, mixing, molding, charring, and drying to make high-density and sturdy charcoal sticks. This production line is formed first and then carbonized, which belongs to the conventional charcoal machine production line.

These charcoal briquettes are usually used for barbecue, heating, industrial fuel, and other purposes, and are favored for their high efficiency, environmental protection, and ease of use. In addition, the whole production process is similar to the sawdust briquettes production line, and need to add a charcoal carbonization furnace after it. For details, please click Sawdust Briquettes Production Line For Charcoal Making Plant.

charcoal briquette production line workflow
charcoal briquette production line workflow

Finished product display and applications

Charcoal briquette sticks are made from wood raw materials and are suitable for a wide range of applications because of their high density, low humidity, and sturdiness. Below are some main uses:

  1. Barbecuing and field cooking: Coal stick charcoal is an ideal fuel for barbecuing, providing a stable high temperature and a long-lasting burn time, allowing food to cook evenly and adding a unique charcoal-grilled flavor.
  2. Home Heating: Briquette charcoal is suitable for use in fireplaces, stoves, and other home heating devices, burns for a long time, produces a warm flame and heat, and provides a cozy indoor environment.
  3. Industrial Heating: Mechanized charcoal is also used as a heating fuel in some industrial fields, such as in brick and tile firing, drying equipment, etc. It can provide stable high temperatures.
  4. Biomass Energy: Coal stick charcoal belongs to a kind of biomass energy, which can be used as a renewable energy source instead of fossil fuels, which is friendly to the environment and helps to reduce carbon emissions.

Charcoal production line workflow

The equipment corresponding to the workflow of the charcoal production line is the wood crusher, sawdust dryer, biomass molding machine, charcoal furnace, and so on. These are the basic machines for making charcoal. The following are machines of the line corresponding to 6-10t per day capacity.

Drum wood chipper: Primary crushing process

drum wood chipper

This equipment is generally used in the production line of large production capacity, first of all, the large size of the material for the preliminary crushing, for the subsequent operation to save time.

Wood hammer crusherCrush wood chippers into sawdust

wood hammer mill crusher

In the charcoal production line, the hammer mill crushes and processes the larger-sized raw materials to meet the wood briquette extruder feed size of 3-5mm.

Sawdust screening machine: Screening and grading raw materials

sawdust screen machine

The sawdust trommel screen is usually used to process wood chips, sawdust, etc. to remove impurities in order to obtain the particle size that meets the production requirements and provide suitable raw materials for the subsequent processes.

Screw conveyor: Conveying, transferring, and handling of materials

screw conveyors

The screw conveyor transfers raw materials from one place to another by means of the rotating movement of the screw, thus connecting different processes in the charcoal production line, improving production efficiency, and ensuring a continuous production process.

Rotary sawdust dryerDrying wet wooden raw materials

rotary drum sawdust dryer

Drying is an important step in the charcoal production process, which reduces the humidity of charcoal pellets and improves their quality, as well as providing suitable conditions for subsequent packaging and storage.

Screw feeder: Convey raw materials to the screw separator

screw feeder

The screw loader conveys the raw materials from the bottom to the top through the rotating movement of the screw to maintain an even supply speed and provide raw material support for subsequent processing and production.

Screw separatorSend feed materials into sawdust briquette machines

screw separators

In the charcoal production line, this device evenly distributes the raw materials to the different sawdust briquette machines’ inlets, the number of outlets as well as the size of the bins can be customized.

Pini kay briquettes machineShaped into wood sticks

sawdust briquette machines

The charcoal production line is equipped with several sets of this machine. Distributed on both sides of the powder machine, usually 3 or 5 on one side. For more information about this machine, please click on the article: Sawdust briquette machine for biomass charcoal processing line.

Steel mesh conveyor: Conveying and sorting raw materials

steel mesh conveyor

Steel mesh conveyor is mainly used in the charcoal production line for conveying and sorting raw materials, which are transported by steel mesh belt to transport raw materials such as wood pellets and wood chips from one place to another, it can also sieve and classify the raw materials to meet the needs of different processes.

Smoke evacuator: Collection of hazardous gases

smoke remover

The charcoal production line generates some smoke, odor dust, etc. The smoke removal hood reduces the impact on the environment and people by directing and collecting these exhaust gases and sending them to the purification system or discharging them into the atmosphere.

Hoist carbonization furnace: Charcoal briquettes processing

vertical charcoal carbonization furnaces

The vertical charcoal carbonization furnace is to heat and treat the wood in a high temperature and low oxygen environment to dehydrate, decompose, and sublimate it to form a charcoal product with high calorific value and high carbon content.

Heat shrink film packing machinePacking the charcoal briquettes

heat shrink film packing machine

The heat shrink packaging machine uses heat shrink film to wrap the charcoal tightly so as to protect the charcoal from the external environment and improve the appearance and quality of the product, as well as to facilitate transportation and storage.

Sealing machine: Boxed up for sale

sealing machine

The sealing machine places the packaged charcoal into the box and performs the sealing and sealing operation. This process helps to protect the charcoal from the external environment and ensures that the products are safe, neat, and easy to transport.

Supporting equipment for different capacity lines

According to the different needs of customers for charcoal production line capacity, we can set up machines to meet their requirements. For example, in the production line of 1-3 and 3-6 output, there is no need to use wood chippers, but use a relatively small output wood crusher for initial crushing.

In addition, we can reduce the number of other supporting equipment to meet the needs of a small charcoal production line. For example, 1-3 capacity with two carbonization furnaces, 3-6 capacity with four carbonization furnaces.

Finally, depending on the customer’s budget or policy at the time, etc., you can choose whether or not to purchase the four optional equipment: steel mesh conveyor, smoke evacuator, packaging machine, and sealing machine.

Installation site pictures display

Because of Shuliy’s competitive price and considerate service, we have dealt with many charcoal production lines. Below are some of our customers’ installation sites.

Advantages of charcoal production line

The charcoal production line makes charcoals more efficient, environmentally friendly, and economical. Its main features are as follows:

  1. High-quality products: Through strict production processes and control, charcoal production lines can produce high-quality charcoal products with consistent charcoal quality and calorific value.
  2. Energy saving: This line can effectively utilize heat energy in the process of carbonization and drying, reducing energy consumption.
  3. Output Value Enhancement: The charcoal production line can increase the output value of charcoal products and make full use of waste wood and other resources.
  4. Customized design: According to different needs, this line can be customized to meet the production requirements of different scales and characteristics.

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