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At the beginning of November this year, a customer contacted us and expressed the need to produce biomass pellets. After the business manager communicated with him, he finally accepted our wood pellet mill machine and ordered three sets. Because of sufficient stock, the machines have been successfully shipped and the customer expressed his satisfaction.

wood pellet mill for sale
wood pellet mill for sale

You can learn about the machine’s detailed information through the article: Feed pellet mill machine for farming use.

How the Machine Works

By cutting, compressing, and molding wood chips and other wood raw materials, the wood pellet mill machine makes high-density, consistent specification pellet fuel, which can be widely used in power generation, heating, and other fields.

Market Demand

biomass pellets making machine

Rwanda, an emerging market on the African continent, has a growing demand for renewable energy. As a clean and efficient form of energy, wood pellets have received widespread attention from governments and businesses. This export precisely meets the urgent demand for biomass pellets in the Rwandan market.

Wood Pellet Mill Benefits and Price

Our wood pelletizer machines adopt advanced production technology, which can efficiently convert wood chips and other wood raw materials into high-quality pellet fuel.

  • High-quality finished products: The pellet fuel produced has high density and stable calorific value, which is in line with international standards and meets all kinds of energy needs.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: Adoption of advanced production processes reduces energy consumption and complies with environmental regulations.
  • Customized design: It can be customized according to the customer’s needs and is suitable for the production of different scales and raw materials.
wood pelletizing machine

The price of this transaction is reasonable and the customer is satisfied with the cost performance.

Why Choose Shuliy Company

Customers choose our company because we have many years of experience in manufacturing biomass energy equipment, excellent product quality, and first-class service.

Our service team will provide customers with full tracking after-sales service to ensure the smooth installation and operation of the equipment. At the same time, we will carry out regular maintenance of the equipment to guarantee the long and stable operation of the equipment.