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The wood pallet blocks production line is an automated equipment system for producing wooden pad blocks. Wooden blocks, also known as wooden pallet blocks, a block product made from waste wood or wood chips after processing, which is widely used in logistics and transportation industries.

The most critical equipment of this production line is the pallet block machine. The wood block production line is designed to process and manufacture wood pallet blocks efficiently to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Raw materials for making wood pallet blocks

The raw materials used to make wood bedding blocks are mainly waste wood which are by-products of wood products. These raw materials can be leftovers from wood processing, furniture manufacturing, building construction, etc., which are processed and reused to make wood cushion blocks.

The following are some of the common raw materials used to make wood matting blocks: wood chips and sawdust, wood shavings, bamboo, and so on. The larger sizes of these wood chips can be cut, crushed, and processed to make the raw materials suitable for wood briquettes.

Complete wood pallet blocks production line structure

wood pallet block production line

In the process of the whole production line for making wood blocks, the following machines are mainly included and are carried out in order:

Drum wood chipper machine→Hammer mill crusher→Screening machine→Screw conveyor→Rotary drum dryer→Glue mixer→Conveyor→Pallet block machine→Cutting machine.

Among them, the cutting device is optional equipment, customers can choose whether to buy this equipment according to the demand and budget and so on.

Workflow of wood pallet blocks production line

drum type wood chipping machine

Drum wood chipping machine: In the production line with larger output, the drum chippers pulverize larger-sized wood or wood chips into fine particles by means of a rotating drum and blades.

The raw materials are evenly cut and crushed into relatively consistent particle sizes, ensuring uniform and consistent quality of the finished matting.

Hammer mill crusher: Hammer blade pulverizer also plays an important role in mat block production line, similar to a drum chipper, which is mainly used in the stage of further crushing and breaking down of raw materials in order to obtain granular raw materials suitable for making wood mat blocks.

wood hammer crushing machine
screening machine

Screening machine: It can classify the raw materials after the crushing and breaking process according to different particle sizes.

It can remove impurities, fragments, and foreign materials from the raw materials to ensure that only the particles that meet the standard are selected, improving the quality of the products.

Screw conveyor: Screw conveyor has an important role in the wood pallet blocks production line, which can continuously convey the raw materials from the feeding end to the discharging end to ensure the stable operation of the production line. It reduces the manual intervention and improves the production efficiency.

screw conveyor
rotary drum dryer

Rotary drum dryer machine: The moisture of the raw material for making woodblock needs to be controlled below 12%, the drum dryer can evaporate the moisture in the block so that the processed cushion block becomes dry. Improve the stability and quality of matting and maintain hygiene.

Glue mixer: By rotating the mixing blades, the glue mixer evenly mixes the urea-formaldehyde resin adhesive into the wood chips, thus improving the bonding strength and stability of the produced mat blocks.

Since this device has a limited volume and works in batches, it is possible to purchase more than one unit to reduce wait times.

glue mixer
pallet block extruder machines

Wood pallet block machine: Once the raw material is ready, it can be transported to the briquetting machine with a conveyor, or if the budget is low, manual loading is also an option.

The raw material is processed in this machine by heating and molding. You can click this article Pallet block machine for wooden packaging production plant to learn how it works.

Dicing machine: The finished product from the pallet block machine can be stacked and packaged in cubes for sale.

This optional equipment can also be selected for further block-dicing processing. The finished products obtained in these two forms are shown in the figure below.

the block dicing machine

A list of the finished products you can get

The following are the two forms of finished products from the wood pallet blocks production line mentioned above.

Advantages of wood pallet blocks production line

The wood pallet blocks production line has various advantages, which make it widely used in the field of wood mat block manufacturing. Following are some of the major features:

  1. Efficient Production: The mat block production line achieves efficient production through automated processes and continuous operations, reducing manual operations and waiting time, and increasing production efficiency.
  2. Consistency and quality control: The automated production process ensures product consistency and quality control, reducing the impact of human factors on product quality.
  3. High Resource Utilization: The matting production line usually makes full use of discarded wood, wood chips, and other resources, which reduces the waste of resources and contributes to environmental protection and sustainable development.
  4. Adaptation to diversified needs: The matting production line can usually be adjusted and customized according to different product needs, adapting to diversified market demand.

Customizable for different solutions

Please note that the above is only the basic conventional configuration plan of our company’s wood pallet blocks production line, we can customize different models according to your budget, requirements on output, and finished product size.

In addition, according to the local labor cost, we can also set up automatic or semi-automatic wood pallet blocks production lines. If you want to know more information, please feel free to contact us.