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At the end of last month, our company successfully sent a small and medium-sized wood hammer crusher to a customer from the USA. At the beginning of July, the customer, by searching for products, became interested in our product website and contacted us, saying that he needed a small-capacity hammer chip mill.

Through detailed communication, the customer accepted our SL-70 wood hammer crusher. The price, parameters, and other aspects are all in line with his expectations. Now the customer has put it into use and reflects well.

Background information on the customer

Our customer from the USA is a furniture manufacturer. He purchased this machine to be used in conjunction with their wood chipper and comprehensive wood crusher.

They need to process wood into chips suitable for furniture making to be used as a surface finish for furniture. The wood hammer crusher mill can help them get a smooth wood surface.

Increasing demand for wood hammer crushers in the market

  1. Increased demand for biomass energy: With the increasing demand for renewable energy, biomass energy as an environmentally friendly, renewable form of energy has received widespread attention. Wood hammer mills can crush biomass raw materials into particles for the production of biomass pellet fuel to meet heating, power generation, and other energy needs.
  2. Wood processing needs: wood is an important raw material for construction, furniture, decoration, and many other industries.
  3. Comprehensive utilization of crop waste: Agricultural waste, such as straw, rice husk, etc., can be processed into particles through the wood hammer mill for the production of organic fertilizers, animal feed, etc., to achieve the comprehensive utilization of waste.

To summarize, the increase in demand for biomass energy, environmental awareness, wood processing needs, and other factors have contributed to the growth of the wood hammer chip crusher market, making it a development area of concern.

Attractive features of Taizy wood hammer crusher

  • Efficient pulverization: The wood hammer crusher is equipped with strong hammers, and can quickly and effectively pulverize wood, biomass, and other raw materials into the required particle size, which improves production efficiency.
  • Adjustable particle size: Users can adjust the cutter position and planing depth of the planer according to the demand, so as to control the size of the shavings and the particle size of the particles, in order to meet the needs of different applications.
  • Multi-functional application: The wood hammer chip mill can be used in many fields such as biomass energy production, wood processing, furniture manufacturing, waste treatment, paper manufacturing, etc. It has a wide range of application prospects.
  • Diversity of raw materials: The wood hammer chip pulverizer is suitable for processing a variety of raw materials, including wood, bamboo, straw, waste furniture, and many other fibrous and lumpy biomass raw materials.

Feedback from the USA customer

Our customers have expressed great satisfaction with the performance and durability of the wood hammer crusher. The high efficiency of the machine has enabled them to meet market demands and expand their business operations. He also noted that the machine has significantly reduced manual labor, increased productivity, and saved time. In addition, indicated that he will repurchase two units.