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The comprehensive crusher is a multi-functional processing equipment, usually used to crush wooden pallets, all kinds of wood waste, furniture, doors, and windows. It integrates different types of crushing and cutting technologies to efficiently pulverize raw materials into different sizes of granules or flakes, in addition, the machine is equipped with magnetic rollers that can be used in the discharge position to remove nails from the waste wood and so on, suitable for applications in many fields.

large wood comprehensive crusher working video

Main features and advantages of comprehensive crusher

  • Versatility: the wood pallet shredder can be applied in many fields such as wood processing, biomass energy production, waste treatment, furniture manufacturing, etc., adapting to the processing needs of different industries.
  • Efficient cutting and crushing: by integrating multiple cutting and crushing technologies and equipped with a secondary discharging system, users can change the discharging direction according to their needs and use it flexibly.
  • Adjustable parameters: Users can adjust the parameters of the crusher’s knives, blade position, and depth of cut according to their needs to obtain finished products that meet specific requirements.
  • Resource utilization and environmental protection: By processing waste wood, waste furniture, crop waste, etc. into pellets, the integrated wood crusher helps to effectively utilize resources, reduce waste, and promote environmental protection and sustainable development.
  • Strong adaptability of raw materials: The integrated wood crusher is suitable for different types and sizes of biomass raw materials, providing users with more choices.

Wide application of wood pallet shredder

commercial wood pallet crusher for sale

Comprehensive crushers are widely used in the wood processing industry, the biomass energy industry, the furniture manufacturing industry, the pulp and paper industry, the construction industry, the environmental recycling industry, and so on.

The flexibility and high efficiency of this wood waste crusher make it an important part of modern crushing equipment, providing efficient and environmentally friendly biomass processing solutions for various industries.

Wood waste crusher key accessories

Crushing device: This crushing unit is equipped with hammers made of hard material, which is not easily dulled by wear and tear from nails, etc., during high-intensity work.

inner cutting device of comprehensive crusher
magnetic roller

Magnetic roller: The processing capacity of the comprehensive crusher is relatively large, and this magnetic suction device can well separate the nails from the finished product, providing convenience and saving time for the follow-up work.

Sieve: According to the user’s different needs for the finished product size, we can customize the screen with different mesh diameters for selection.

Sieve of wood wastes crusher

How does the wood shredding machine work?

comprehensive crusher working site

The working principle of the comprehensive crusher is based on a variety of technologies such as cutting, crushing, and grinding. Although different models of wood crushers may differ in details, they usually follow the following general workflow:

Raw materials feeding

Raw materials are fed into the inlet of the wood crusher, which can be biomass raw materials such as wood blocks, bamboo, straw, waste furniture, etc. The raw material enters the crushing area through the conveyor system.

Cutting and crushing

In the crushing area, the wood waste crusher is equipped with a knife plate, blades, or a combination of knives. The raw material comes into contact with the blades and is broken down into smaller particles or flakes by the cutting and crushing action.

Screening and Separation

The crushed particles are fed into the screen or screen plate area where they are screened and separated using vibration or airflow, for example. This helps to control the size and distribution of the particles.

Adjustment and control

You can adjust the cutting parameters of the comprehensive wood crusher, such as blade angle, depth of cut, etc., as needed to obtain the desired particle size and quality.


After finishing cutting, crushing, and screening, the processed wood particles are discharged from the discharge port of the comprehensive crusher. These pellets can be further used in different fields such as biomass pellet production, waste treatment, wood products, and so on.

how the comprehensive wood crusher machine works

Specifications of comprehensive crushing machine

Shuliy comprehensive crusher is very competitive in price, the quality is superior, and the spare parts are not easy to be damaged. So the sales volume is high. Among them, the following two models of crushers are the most popular.


  • Feeding inlet size: 1300*500mm
  • Feeding maximum diameter: 400mm
  • Output size: Less than 100mm
  • Input conveyor: 6m
  • Output conveyor: 8m
  • Blades(pcs): 20
  • Capacity: 8-10 t/h
  • Total power: 156.5 kw


  • Feeding inlet size: 1400*800mm
  • Feeding maximum diameter: 500mm
  • Output size: Less than 100mm
  • Input conveyor: 6m
  • Output conveyor: 10m
  • Blades(pcs): 32
  • Capacity: 10-15 t/h
  • Total power: 213.5 kw

Last month, a customer from Vietnam bought a comprehensive crusher from us. The customer has a factory specializing in recycling and processing waste wood. To process large pieces of waste wood more efficiently, the customer sent an inquiry to us. After communication, the customer chose the SL-1400 model for crushing. We also have many other wood processing equipment, such as the wood crusher, log sawmill, wood peeling machine, and so on. Welcome to consult anytime!