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At the beginning of October this year, we were contacted by a customer from the UK who needed a single biomass sawdust briquette press machine. After our business manager talked with him for one month, we finally reached a deal. The machine was quickly built and successfully shipped, and has now reached the customer’s location and put into use.

Saw Dust Briquetting Machine
Saw Dust Briquetting Machine

Customer Background Check

The client has a retail coal bar shop in the UK. When we first communicated, he only wanted the price and was not willing to talk about the raw material and other details. Since the customer wanted a larger model of the machine, the quoted 22kw was recommended. But in the end, due to the price, the customer chose the 18.5kw biomass sawdust briquette press machine.

Biomass Sawdust Briquette Press Machine Price

Shuliy company’s wood sawdust press machine is known for its high-cost performance. The machines use advanced technology to produce robust, high-calorific value briquettes at high speeds with high productivity and efficiency.

We Got Positive Feedback

Customers have already started using and expressed their strong satisfaction with our sawdust briquetting machines. His shop business has improved and the high productivity and low maintenance cost of the machine makes them more competitive in the competitive market.