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Recently, a customer from Singapore purchased a large comprehensive wood wastes crusher from our company. We have shipped this machine to many countries many times, and many of them are used in the wood recycling industry. The performance of the machine as well as the large production capacity has made its sales volume steady and high.

Background information on Singaporean customer

Our customer is from Singapore, he emailed us that he needs a comprehensive crusher. Before that, he browsed our website and got our contact information. After that, our sales manager immediately sent an email to the customer.

In between, we confirmed to the customer that the raw material he was processing was wood boards. The size of the boards was 1200x1100x150mm with nails. We also sent the pictures, parameters, and video of the machine to the customer.

Our comprehensive wood pallet shredder is very suitable for processing such raw materials. Then we provided the PI to the customer. The customer discussed this with their colleagues after seeing the machine. After that decided to buy our comprehensive wood wastes crusher.

Remarkable features of comprehensive wood wastes crusher

  • It can be adapted to the installation and use of the equipment under different geographic and terrain conditions and is not affected by seasonal climate and other external conditions.
  • The machine adopts automatic control, automatic feeding, and discharging, which improves the production capacity. It makes the human-machine separation and improves the safety coefficient of machine operation.
  • The machine is powerful. This comprehensive crusher can process all kinds of waste wood with metal nails. It can handle a wide range of raw materials, such as logs, branches, waste furniture, boards, and so on.
  • The output of the machine is large. The machine adopts chain conveyor feeding, which can make the feeding smoother and greatly improve the production capacity.  
  • This series of models all adopt a special small knife roller, long service life, and low maintenance cost.