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With the continuous efforts of our company, we are proud to announce that we have recently sold 25 sets of highly efficient animal feed pellet mills for sale to a customer in Saudi Arabia. This transaction was successfully delivered at the end of September.

Feed Pellet Mill Machine Saudi Customer Introduction

Our client is a Saudi Arabian company specializing in feed production. As a leading feed producer in the region, they were looking for a pellet mill that would increase productivity and reduce energy consumption. Our pellet mills for sale were considered the ideal choice to meet their needs.

Shuliy Pellet Mills For Sale Benefits

Our company’s pellet mill machine is highly favored by our customers for the following features:

  1. High-efficiency production: the pellet mill adopts advanced technology and design to realize high-efficiency pellet production and increase production capacity.
  2. Low energy consumption: Advanced energy control technology ensures that energy consumption is minimized during the production process.
  3. Reliability and durability: The pellet machine is made of high-quality materials, which is durable and reduces maintenance costs.

Pellet Mills For Sale Price And Parameters

Although our pellet machines excel in quality and performance, we insist on a competitive pricing policy to ensure that our customers get excellent value for money.

Machine Parameters:

  • Production capacity: 500-2000 kg per hour
  • Power: 55 kW
  • Pellet diameter: 2-12mm (adjustable)

Customer Feedback

Customers speak highly of our pellet mill. They emphasized the machine’s high efficiency and production capacity, which enabled them to achieve higher output in feed production. The customer said that our pellet mill has not only improved their production level but also helped to reduce energy costs, bringing significant economic benefits to their business.