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At the end of last year, our company successfully sent two wood shavings making machines to Kuwait, which provided an ideal wood chip material for a local hamster breeding enterprise and provided the customer with a comprehensive solution to solve the breeding needs.

Information about the customer

This Kuwaiti customer is a business that specializes in breeding small pets – hamsters. Due to the hot and dry climate in Kuwait, to provide a good living environment, the customer needs a large amount of high-quality wood shavings as mattresses and nesting material for hamsters.

wood shavings making machine
wood shavings making machine

Need for wood shavings making machines

Customers mainly consider productivity, wood chip quality, and machine durability when choosing a wood shaver machine. They hope that by using an efficient wood shaving making machine, they can dramatically increase the production of wood chips and ensure that the quality of the product meets the standards of hamster farming.

Benefits of wood shavings

As a nesting material for small pets, wood shavings have the advantages of being natural, moisture-absorbent, and moderately soft and hard, which can provide a safe and comfortable living environment for hamsters. Moreover, wood shavings are easy to clean and replace, helping to keep the hamster cage clean and sanitary.

wood shavings machine for sale
wood shavings machine for sale

Understanding of the wood shaver

Customers have an in-depth understanding of our wood shavings making machine. By checking the product information, and technical parameters and watching the working video, they have a full understanding of the working principle and performance of the machine. This is one of the important reasons why customers finally choose our products.

Significance of this successful shipment

This successful shipment is not only an order completion but also a recognition of our products in the international market. By providing a high-quality wood shavings making machine to our customers from Kuwait, we have not only provided an effective solution for them but also established a good reputation for our products in the Kuwaiti market.