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At the end of last month, we received an inquiry for box type charcoal briquette dryer from a customer in Libya. After a month of communication and negotiation between our business manager and the customer, the customer gladly accepted our machine. Now the machine has arrived at the customer’s work site and put into use.

box type charcoal briquette dryer
box type charcoal briquette dryer

Introduction of Customer Background

Our client is a Libyan charcoal producer dedicated to providing high-quality charcoal products. They were growing rapidly as market demand increased but needed an efficient solution to meet the growing demand.

Why Buy A Box Type Charcoal Briquette Dryer

The main reasons why customers decide to buy a box drying machine include:

  • Improve production efficiency: With its highly efficient drying process, the box dryer is able to significantly improve charcoal production efficiency and shorten the production cycle.
  • Product quality: The special design of this dryer ensures that the charcoal maintains high quality and dries evenly during the production process, which meets customers’ high-quality standards.

Transaction Negotiation Process

In close cooperation with the customer, our company fully understood the customer’s needs. We provided detailed solutions, including machine configuration, training, and after-sales service, to ensure that the customer could fully utilize the new equipment.

Customer Positive Feedback

Libyan customers have offered high praise for the box type charcoal briquette dryer. They said that the input of the dryer has significantly improved the production efficiency of the charcoal manufacturing industry and the quality of the product is more stable. Customers are satisfied with the support and training provided by our company and want to continue the cooperation.