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Recently, a coal ball briquette press machine from our company was successfully shipped to Thailand, marking another breakthrough in the field of environmentally friendly energy. This highly efficient machine will strongly support sustainable energy development in Thailand, providing an advanced and reliable balling solution for the region.

Customer Background Information

The Thai customer is a local company dedicated to sustainable energy, focusing on the efficient utilization of coal resources. With the growing demand for clean energy in the energy market, they decided to introduce coal balling machines to improve productivity and reduce energy waste.

Coal Ball Briquette Press Machine Advantages

This charcoal ball press machine has a range of innovative features that make it stand out in energy production:

  • High capacity: It can press 2 tons of coal balls per hour, dramatically increasing productivity.
  • Environmentally friendly and energy-saving: Adopting advanced pressing technology to reduce energy waste and maximize resource utilization.
  • Stable and reliable: Made of high-quality materials, it can withstand long-time and high-intensity use.

Charcoal Press Machine Parameters

The parameters of this coal ball making machine are designed to be flexible to meet different energy production needs:

  • Model: SL-290
  • Capacity:1-2 tons per hour
  • Power:5.5kw
  • Weight:720kg
  • Size:1240*1070*1440mm

Feedback from Customers

The Thai customers are highly satisfied with our coal balling machine. They praised the high efficiency of the machine and the ease of operation. The customer’s representative said, “This coal ball briquette press machine meets our requirements for high productivity and environmental protection, and we look forward to its reliable support for our production in the future.”