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Recently, our company achieved the results of an electric sawmill to Canada. A sawmill is a piece of equipment that can process complete logs into planks. The processed boards can be used to make various products such as shipbuilding, furniture, houses, handicrafts, and so on.

Our sawmills have been exported to many countries, such as Switzerland, France, Israel, Nigeria, Austria, Monaco, and many other countries. Due to the high quality, stable operation, good working effect, and long service life of the machine, it has been loved by many customers.

Shuliy’s wood saw mill machines

We produce three types of wood saw mill machines, they are vertical sawmills, horizontal sawmills and log push saws. Each type of machine handles a different range of diameters and forms of wood. Customers can choose according to their needs.

This electric sawmill to Canada solidified the company’s position. At the same time, when recommending the machine to the customer, we will determine the model of the machine according to the diameter of the wood handled by the customer, the production capacity of the customer, the number of employees of the customer, and the form of sawing.

Electric Sawmill to Canada Customer Background

This Canadian customer has a professional shipyard. A large amount of wood is processed every day. The customer also bought a sawmill from China before, but they only produced horizontal type.

Some time ago, the customer received an order to make 40 wooden boats, so he needed several sawmills urgently. Since the efficiency of the vertical sawmill is higher, the customer only wanted to buy the vertical sawmill. Then the customer sent us an inquiry after browsing our website.

Electric sawmill to Canada applications

The saw milling machine can process all kinds of logs, square logs, and wood pieces of trees. The processed wood pieces are widely used in construction, chemical, automobile, aviation, ship, electrical appliances, decoration, and other industries.

Questions about the sawmill in the communication

1. We deal with wood with a diameter of 40 – 60 cm, and also with wood over 100 cm. Which type of machine do you recommend?

  • One machine is not sufficient for all log diameters. In order to achieve good sawing results, we recommend you use two models SL-3212B and SL-3110B.

2. What is the material of the saw blade? I want to buy an extra 50-blade saw.

  • Our saw blades are made of alloy, which is durable and long-lasting.

3. What is the length of the track that goes with the sawing machine?

  • Our track is 18 meters, and they are equipped with an electric control box; PLC control, and an automatic sawing device, which is very easy to operate and use.