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The raw material of honeycomb coal production line is usually wood fiber or plant residue, after a series of raw material processing, molding, charring, and packaging, the final product is made into porous honeycomb coal briquettes to meet the energy demand and industrial use.

Honeycomb coal is typically used for heating and combustion and is characterized by good combustion performance and efficient heat output. These production lines are highly automated, efficient, and environmentally friendly, making the production of honeycomb coal more sustainable and economical.

The configuration of the honeycomb coal production line can be customized according to specific customer requirements, and the output can be up to 500kg/h to 2t/h.

Finished product features and displays

The finished product of the honeycomb coal production line has some remarkable features that make it a popular fuel and material.

  1. Porosity: Honeycomb coal briquettes have many tiny pores which give them an extremely high surface area and help to adsorb gases and liquids.
  2. High Combustion Efficiency: The porous structure of honeycomb coal briquettes provides a large number of gas passages, allowing air to enter the interior of the briquettes evenly.
  3. Low Ash Content: The production process of honeycomb briquettes is usually carefully controlled to minimize the ash content. This means that relatively little ash is produced during combustion, reducing the need for cleaning and maintenance.
  4. Stable combustion: The structure of honeycomb coal allows for a steady release of heat energy during combustion, producing uniform combustion and temperature distribution. This is important for heating and industrial processes.

Honeycomb coal production line equipment list

No.Machine name
1Continuous carbonization furnace
2Hammer mill crusher
3Charcoal powder mixer
4Glue mixer
5Honeycomb charcoal briquettes forming machine
6Batch type charcoal drying machine
Machine list of charcoal briquettes plant

Workflow of honeycomb coal production line

A honeycomb coal production line typically includes several key steps, from the handling of raw materials to the production of the final honeycomb briquettes.

The following is a typical workflow of a general honeycomb coal production line: Raw material preparation charringcrushing and mixingmolding dryingpackaging and transportation. Some of the core equipment is listed below:

Continuous carbonization furnace

Continuous carbonization furnace

It is an indispensable key device in the honeycomb coal production line. Its main function is to pyrolyze the raw organic material, under high temperature and low oxygen atmosphere, and convert it into charcoal material. After that, it adds a hammer crusher for grinding.

charcoal mixer and grinder

Charcoal powder grinder & mixer

In a honeycomb coal production line, the mixing operation mixes the raw materials with the binder, which can help shape the final shape of the honeycomb briquettes.

It makes the charcoal briquettes strong enough and durable, which is the key to ensuring that the finished honeycomb coal briquettes will not be easily broken or disintegrated.

honeycomb coal press machine

Honeycomb coal press machine

The most core equipment in this line, its role includes: molding honeycomb briquettes, ensuring uniformity, and producing different specifications and sizes of honeycomb briquettes as needed.

For more information about how exactly it works, please click to view: Honeycomb coal machine for briquette forming production line.

drying box for honeycomb coal

Charcoal briquette dryer

The role of this device in the honeycomb coal production line is to reduce the moisture content of finished honeycomb coal briquettes, ensure product quality, and increase storage life. For more information about the drying room, you can click here: Briquette charcoal dryer for honeycomb shisha coal production.

Honeycomb coal production line characteristics

Honeycomb charcoal briquette production lines offer several advantages that make them ideal for producing high-quality charcoal material. These advantages help meet market demands and are useful in a variety of industries.

  1. High Capacity: Honeycomb coal production lines usually have a high capacity to produce honeycomb briquettes on a large scale to meet various market demands.
  2. Consistent Product Quality: Automated production processes and precise control systems ensure that the honeycomb briquettes produced have consistent quality and performance, whether it is in terms of firmness, adsorption capacity, or other characteristics.
  3. Customized Performance: Production lines often have adjustable parameters that allow the production process to be customized to meet customer needs and specifications for different applications.
  4. MULTIFUNCTIONALITY: Honeycomb briquettes are a versatile carbon material suitable for a wide range of applications including air and water treatment, heating, filtration, catalysts, and other areas.