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Shuliy is pleased to announce the recent successful delivery of a bbq charcoal press machine to Kenya, reinvigorating a sustainable barbecue charcoal production project there.

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Demand for bbq charcoal press machines in Kenya market

Kenya, one of the largest producers of barbecue charcoal in the East African region, has been seeking sustainable production methods to reduce deforestation and carbon emissions.

Shuliy’s charcoal briquette machine is an innovative machine that converts biomass waste into high-quality BBQ charcoal without cutting down trees. This technology not only helps protect forests but also improves the quality and yield of charcoal balls.

Advantages of Shuliy’s charcoal ball press machine

The delivery of this BBQ charcoal briquette machine marks the expansion of Shuliy into the Kenya market and the realization of our vision for sustainable development.

The features of this machine include high capacity, energy efficiency, and environmental friendliness as well as ease of operation and maintenance.

It is capable of converting various biomass wastes such as wood chips, straw, and plant residues into highly compressed BBQ charcoal pellets, which reduces waste and improves resource efficiency.

Feedback from customers

The customer expressed their pride in achieving sustainable barbecue charcoal production in Kenya. This BBQ charcoal press machine will help reduce deforestation and minimize environmental impact while providing high-quality BBQ charcoal.

This investment in Kenya will not only create jobs for the local community but is also expected to raise the importance of sustainable agriculture and biomass waste management. Shuliy is committed to continuing to support similar programs and to promote sustainable development and environmental initiatives globally.