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At the beginning of this month, we successfully sent a continuous charcoal furnace to Indonesia to provide an efficient charring solution for a timber business customer.

Background information of the customer

This customer was recommended by one of our customers, who had previously purchased our wood sawdust briquette making machine and visited our factory and had more trust in our products and services. The customer has rich experience in the wood business and owns his factory and company.

Expectation of continuous charcoal furnace

The main reason why the customer chooses to buy a continuous charring furnace is to increase the added value of wood, to process the wood into charcoal to meet the market demand and to increase income. Customers expect the charcoal furnace to be able to carbonize wood efficiently and consistently and to be easy to operate and maintain.

continuous carbonization furnace
continuous carbonization furnace

Market demand and machine price characteristics

As one of the largest charcoal producers in the world, Indonesia has a huge charcoal market demand. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and diversified applications of charcoal, the demand for efficient and environmentally friendly charring equipment is also increasing. Our continuous charcoal furnace is moderately priced and meets the budget of our customers.

Combination of professionalism and trust

Customers communicate details directly with our business manager, which shows their strength and determination. Customers like to communicate by video phone, and we actively share the progress of our factory, which strengthens the interaction and cooperation between the two sides.

continuous charcoal furnace for sale
continuous charcoal furnace for sale

Our business manager stood in the customer’s point of view, listened to the customer’s ideas, and gave professional advice and guidance, which enhanced the customer’s trust in our company.

Please click Continuous carbonization furnace for rice husk charcoal making to get the detailed information of the machine. Feel free to contact us for a quotation. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.