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Good news! Libyan customer purchased a rotary hookah charcoal making machine and a shisha charcoal packing machine from us recently. These two machines mainly help the customer from coal powder molding to packing as finished products.

Background information from Libyan customer

Last year, the customer launched a new business of making hookah charcoal from coconut shell charcoal. Since he has purchased a honeycomb coal machine from our company and achieved good results, it is preferred to consider our company’s machines.

At that time, he bought a line of hydraulic hookah charcoal equipment. In this period the customer bought a drying room from us. Meanwhile, we designed the bag pattern for him.

Contact with the customer of hookah charcoal press machine

Recently, the customer needed a hookah charcoal press machine, because he had purchased from us before, and the customer trusted us. So the process of purchasing the equipment this time was fast.

After we received the customer’s demand, we directly introduced to the customer the models of our hookah charcoal press machine for the customer to choose from.

The customer finally chose the SL-ZP-17B model hookah charcoal machine. Then we directly provide a quotation. Finally, the customer pays the deposit for all the machines.

Why customer choose our hookah charcoal press machine?

  1. The equipment is trustworthy. The drying room that the customer bought from us before is of good quality and the customer likes it. So the customer is also confident in our hookah charcoal machine.
  2. Hot-selling and won the praise and support from customers. We are a professional charcoal equipment manufacturer, and now we have sold machines to many other countries, and we have got positive feedback from customers.
  3. Provide thorough service. In addition to providing customers with effective information about the equipment, we will provide a one-year after-sales service and a lifelong online consulting service.

We got positive feedback from the customer

After the deal was made between us and the customer, the customer received the hookah charcoal press machine very quickly and put it into use immediately.

The high efficiency of the machine has enabled them to meet market demand and expand their business operations. He also noted that he is very satisfied with the performance and durability of this shisha charcoal tablet press machine.