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Against the backdrop of increasing sustainability and environmental awareness, the pallet blocks making process is taking on a new lease of life, realizing a perfect blend of efficient production and environmental goals. The innovative process of making wood briquettes leads the industry in a greener, more sustainable direction.

The traditional pallet blocks making process often involves the consumption of large quantities of raw materials and energy waste, but as technology and processes continue to advance, a more efficient and environmentally friendly process is emerging. (Read more: Pallet block machine for wooden packaging production plant.)

Raw materials for the pallet blocks making process

After being processed, waste wood is usually cut, crushed, or chipped through the crusher and wood chippers, to obtain wood in granular or flake form suitable for making wood mat blocks. These wood pellet blocks are then used as the basic raw material for making wood head gasket blocks. In addition to scrap wood, wood blocks may also be made using some environmentally friendly adhesives to bond the wood pellets or sheets together.

The proper combination and handling of waste wood and eco-friendly adhesives in the wood pallet blocks making process can produce high-quality, eco-friendly wood mat block products for a variety of applications, such as packaging, protection, and padding. This practice of utilizing waste wood to make wood mat blocks not only reduces wood waste but also contributes to sustainable development.

Pallet blocks making process

  1. Raw Material Preparation: Good quality waste wood or wood chips are collected, pulverized, and cleaned to ensure the quality and purity of the raw material.
  2. Preliminary Mixing: Cleaned wood particles are mixed with eco-friendly adhesive to form a homogeneous mixture. This eco-friendly adhesive is designed to minimize environmental pollution and human health risks.
  3. Forming and compression: The mixture is fed into special molds, which are processed under high pressure and high temperature to achieve a tight bonding and curing of the wood particles.
  4. Cutting and shaping: The molded pallet blocks are cut to make the desired shape of wood matting according to the requirements of different sizes and applications.
  5. Surface treatment: The surface of the blocks may be sanded, polished, etc. to ensure its flatness and texture.
  6. Inspection and Packaging: The finished wood shims will undergo quality inspection to ensure that they meet the relevant standards and requirements. Qualified products will be carefully packaged and ready for the market.

Shuliy pallet blocks making process machines

To manufacture the finished pallet blocks, you need to go through a series of machines. Our company is equipped with all the relevant equipment, such as a wood peeler, wood crusher, wood chipper, glue mixing drum, and so on. If you need any of these machines, please feel free to contact us.