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Customer needs and expectations

At the beginning of this year, our company successfully shipped a pillow pouch packaging machine to the Philippines, providing a new packaging solution for a local charcoal product wholesaler.

After in-depth communication with the business manager, we learned that customers are eager to provide exquisite and efficient packaging to attract more customers and increase sales of hookah charcoal products. Customers hope that packaging can not only highlight product features but also maintain the efficiency of the packaging process.

hookah charcoal packaging machine
hookah charcoal packaging machine

Purchase reason and customer background

There are deep reasons behind the decision of this wholesaler of charcoal products. As a member of the Philippine charcoal market, they face increasing competition and therefore realize that it is crucial to increase market appeal through improved product packaging. Customers hope that differentiated packaging can stand out in a homogeneous market and attract more customer groups.

One of the main reasons to purchase a pillow pouch packaging machine is its customization capabilities. Customers need to design unique packaging bag patterns based on product characteristics and market demand. Our company’s machines can meet this need and provide them with greater design freedom.

pillow pouch packaging machine
pillow pouch packaging machine

Demand for pillow pouch packaging machine

  • Customization capability: Customers hope that the machine can provide a high degree of customization to adapt to the packaging needs of different products, including shape, size, and printing pattern.
  • Packaging efficiency: Due to fierce market competition, customers urgently need efficient packaging equipment to ensure that products can be launched in time and be more conspicuous on the shelves.
  • Pattern design support: Charcoal wholesalers have shown strong interest in the pattern design support that hookah charcoal packaging machines can provide to ensure that the packaging matches the brand image and product characteristics.

Experience sharing and machine feedback

First of all, they are satisfied with the machine’s customization capabilities, which can flexibly respond to the packaging needs of different products, making the packaging more in line with market trends. Secondly, the pillow pouch packaging machine operates stably and can improve packaging efficiency while ensuring packaging quality. This helps wholesalers respond more quickly to changes in market demand and achieve timely supply.