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We are proud to announce that we have recently successfully shipped a high-performance wood peeler machine to a customer in Croatia, which is the second repurchase from the same customer.

This wood peeler machine Croatia transaction once again highlights our excellence in the wood processing industry and our customers’ continued trust in our products.

You can learn detailed information about this machine through the Wood debarker machine for wood chip production.

Information about the Croatian customer

The background of this Croatian client is a company specializing in wood processing and production. Their business covers the entire process from log harvesting to finished wood products. In order to increase productivity and minimize waste, they chose our wood peeling machines for the first time.

Advantages of Shuliy wood peeler machines

  • This wood peeler is a well-designed piece of equipment designed to quickly and efficiently peel all types of wood.
  • Its key features include automated controls, highly adjustable operating parameters, and excellent performance and reliability.
  • The wood peeling machine can cope with a wide range of different sizes and types of wood, transforming logs into high-quality lumber quickly.

Why customer repurchase

After the first purchase, the customer was so satisfied with the performance and stability of this machine and the high-profit return that he decided to choose us again to meet the growing production demand.

This delivery not only further strengthens our relationship with this customer, but also emphasizes our company’s excellent reputation in the field of wood processing equipment.

Our team did an excellent job on this delivery, ensuring the smooth transportation and installation of the equipment. The customer appreciated our expertise and excellent customer service, which further strengthened our partnership.

If you are interested in our wood peeler machines or other wood processing equipment, please feel free to contact us, we look forward to working with you to provide efficient and reliable solutions to meet your production needs.