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In the first half of August, we received an inquiry from a customer from Romania, who needed a charcoal ball production line for sale. After a series of processes such as communication between both parties, payment, and factory stock preparation, the machines were ready and successfully shipped in early October.

charcoal ball production line for sale
charcoal ball production line for sale

Customer Background Information

Our client is a Romanian biomass energy producer specializing in high-quality charcoal products. First of all the customer has raw materials and is clearer about their production needs. Therefore, after presenting the details of the machine and information about after-sales service, the order was quickly finalized.

Why Choose Shuliy Charcoal Ball Production Line For Sale

  1. Efficient production: A high degree of automation enables large-scale efficient production and reduces labor costs.
  2. Raw material applicability: Suitable for a variety of biomass raw materials such as wood chips, wood shavings, straw, bamboo, and so on.
  3. High-quality products: Our balling production line ensures high-quality charcoal products, which are in line with international standards and help to improve customers’ market competitiveness.
  4. Customers learned about our charcoal ball production line price advantage.

Parameter Information Display Of Charcoal-Making Machines

The following shows some key parameters of the important machines for shipment:

Crusher Machine

  • Model: SL-400*400
  • Power:7.5kw*2
  • Capacity:5-10 tons per hour
  • Number of hammers:24 pcs
  • Weight of hammers:2.5kg /pcs
  • Thickness of steel:8mm
  • Weight:600kg

Charcoal Ball Press Machine

  • Model: SL-430
  • Power:15kw
  • Capacity:5-7 tons per hour
  • Weight:3800kg

Packaging Machine

  • Packing weight:10-50kg per bag
  • Packing speed:300-400 bags per hour
  • Power:1.7kw Dimension:3000*1150*2550mm

For more information about the charcoal ball production line for sale, please click here: BBQ Charcoal Production Line. Please feel free to contact us for more information and quotation.