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In September this year, one of our customers from Zimbabwe contacted us and expressed the need for a continuous industrial biomass carbonization furnace. The customer visited our company in October and visited our factory. The order was placed immediately after that, and our factory prepared the goods and shipped them out successfully.

industrial carbonization equipment
industrial carbonization equipment

Background Information On The Customer

Our client is a company specializing in the production of bamboo charcoal. Bamboo is abundant and widely distributed in the country, so the client saw a market potential for manufacturing bamboo charcoal. They are looking for efficient charring equipment that will help them produce high-quality bamboo charcoal from bamboo.

Industrial Biomass Carbonization Furnace Benefits

  • Adopting a closed charring system, the emission of soot and exhaust gas is effectively controlled.
  • By precisely regulating the temperature and atmosphere during the charring process, the generation and release of harmful gases are reduced.
  • Self-sufficiency of energy can be achieved by recycling the heat energy generated by combustion during the bamboo charcoal production process.

How To Make Bamboo Charcoal

The production of bamboo charcoal usually includes raw material preparationcarbonizationcooling and packaging.

  1. In the production process, we first cut the bamboo into the proper size and shape;
  2. Then the bamboo is transformed into bamboo charcoal through high-temperature carbonisation, a process that removes moisture and impurities from the bamboo and retains the high heat and quality of the bamboo charcoal;
  3. After this process, the bamboo charcoal needs to be cooled down before it is packed and ready for sale.

Of course, we have other types of charcoal furnaces available, such as suspended and horizontal ones. You can check them out through our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6c2UVSZnhrc. Also, feel free to contact us for more machine details and to get a quote.